Why air conditioner are white

It is not very uncommon to see white-colored air conditioners everywhere. This has been the norm throughout the whole world and one may start to wonder if there are no other colors of air conditioners. Seeing an air conditioner in any other color different from white will seem like something completely out of the ordinary and strange.

Many times, I have often asked myself, why air conditioners are white and wonder if there are pros and cons of white air conditioning units. Did my research, found answers, and decided to share my discoveries in this guide.

Also included are 6 tips on how to make your air conditioner white again as maintenance for a white air conditioner. Step 3 is very important and must be understood for effective results. Continue reading for details.

Do air conditioners come in other colors?

Yes, air conditioners come in other colors different from white. Contrary to the popular opinion that air conditioners only come in white, some ac units come in black or green from the factory. According to information made available by home advisors, green air conditioners are designed in such color to reduce carbon footprint without overheating during summertime The point here is for you to understand that white is just the standard color for air conditioners and air conditioners exist in other colors.

Why AC are white?

The major reason why air conditioning is painted white right from the factory is that compared to other colors, it is less likely to absorb heat. Also, white is a universal color that can blend perfectly well with any color. Therefore, they are deliberately painted white so that your air conditioner will blend in with the original designs of the indoor and outdoor sections of your building.

Pros and cons of white air conditioning

Pros of white AC

The two most apparent benefits of painting an air conditioner white are because of its low heat absorption factor and the fact that it can blend well with any color. So, no matter the design you have in your building, it will add to its aesthetic appeal.

Cons of white AC

The only disadvantage associated with white-colored air conditioners is that they are prone to dirt and stains. Stains are usually very obvious on white-colored air conditioners compared to ac of another color.

Is the white AC unit cheaper?

No, a white AC unit is not in any way cheaper than air conditioners of any other color. Don’t be deceived, color is not a major factor in determining the price of an air conditioner. The major factor that determines the price of an air conditioner is the btu and some other factors like energy efficiency, capacity, cooling speed, air quality, Installation, maintenance e.t.c. Color is not a major price determinant. However, if you would like your air conditioner to be designed in a particular color and you make a special request, it may be costly.

How to make white air conditioner white again

To make your yellowed air conditioner white again, make use of a multipurpose cleaner. Check below for detailed information about the usage guide.

  1. Dismantle the outer casing of your air conditioner, and rinse it thoroughly.
  2. Spray a multipurpose cleaner that contains bleach on the stained spot to clean and disinfect the surface.
  3. Give the treated spot a thorough wipe using a clean dry cloth. Make sure to wipe until there’s no more stain on the surface.
  4. Once the stain is completely gone, rinse with water and wipe dry.
  5. Wipe down the casing of your air conditioner one more time and leave it to air dry.
  6. Utilize a specialized spray on the casing of your air conditioner to give it a white coating.

Can you paint your air conditioning unit?

Yes, you can paint your air conditioning unit. If you paint your air conditioner, it will improve its aesthetic appearance and make it look completely new. However, you must know how to go about it because if painting is done in the wrong way, it could affect the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

How to paint my air conditioner

It is not advisable to just use and dump your air conditioner just because it is too old and rusty. With the few tips below, you can easily restore the original color of your air conditioner. Keep reading for details.

  1. Start by cleaning the metal and protecting the internal components of your air conditioner so that they are not exposed to paint.
  2. Disconnect the air conditioner from the main power supply.
  3. Make use of a nylon scrub brush to remove any rust you may have on the air conditioner. Then sand and smooth the rusted surface with a fine-grit sanding paper.
  4. Remove any rust, grime, dust, and any other impurity on the air conditioner by washing with a degreaser and rinse afterward with clear clean water and air dry.
  5. Unscrew the casing from the air conditioner with a drill or screwdriver. Open the cover for easy access and cover the internal parts (electrical parts and external hoses) with painter’s plastic and secure them with tape.
  6. Shake your metal premier spray and apply a coat of it on the air conditioner and leave it to dry and then add another coat. Leave it to dry as well.

How to prevent my air conditioner from rusting to keep it white.

It is good to know how to keep your air conditioner clean and white. However, it would be better if you know how to prevent your air conditioner from getting rusted in the first place. Check below for tips on how you can prevent your unit from rusting.

  1. Contact an HVAC company for an industrial-strength coating to use on your air conditioner.
  2. Build a mist barrier for your air conditioner.
  3. Make use of coatings or protective wash.
  4. Make use of copper condenser coil.
  5. Wash your unit frequently with fresh water.

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