The reasons behind your york aircon light blinking

We as a whole love living in comfort. Nowadays, not having an air conditioning system inside your home is absolutely not the standard. Actually, air conditioning systems aren’t supposed to be an extravagance, however a need at present. Nonetheless, numerous individuals do without the choice to have a real air conditioning system in their homes essentially because they think it is an extra cost that they simply don’t require in their life.

The vast majority use air conditioners to remain more agreeable in their homes or workplaces during blistering and muggy summer climate. Under outrageous conditions, air conditioners may keep the old and other weak individuals more secure from heat-actuated medical issues. Air conditioners are utilized in numerous business settings for expanded solace as well as for diminishing warmth weight on sensitive hardware, for example, computers and lessening food deterioration in supermarkets and eateries.

Running an A/C can help you in a lot of ways than just temp related uncomfortableness. They can lower the access of dust and other types of small particles into your house. They reduce the humidity level in your house. And all of these can help reduce breathing problems including asthma and others. Air conditioners can likewise bring down your presentation to indoor allergens, similar to tidy

Sometime in the past, the aircon units satisfied just the necessities of cooling the air. Notwithstanding, in the previous scarcely any years, numerous new valuable features have been added by makers to separate their models from their rivals. Today, practically the entirety of the air conditioner brands feature different methods of cooling air, for example, dry mode, cool mode just as fan mode.

It’s truly simple to finish up something incorrectly without attempting to check or take a stab at something to tackle an issue as far as investigating, practically the entirety of the air conditioning models accompany different lights that blink at whatever point there is an issue with the aircon unit. It is imperative to deal with aircon at whatever point there is an issue. A blinking light on any aircon unit flags that something isn’t right with the aircon and thusly, at whatever point you find a blinking light, you should check the basic reason for the blinking light on an earnest premise.

Possible reasons for blinking aircon light

blinking aircon light

Obstructed air flow

Air-cooled air conditioning systems have what’s known as a condensing unit, regularly situated outside or in a mechanical room. Outside units particularly can get impeded because of leaves and other dust particles that have accumulated around the unit. Indeed, even systems in mechanical rooms can be hindered by other gear or capacity things. And these factors can cause your system to get low on airflow. And that can cause overheating of the entire system. That’s why you need to work with the error codes fast to fix the issues.

These problems can be caused by blocked vents. This issue is very normal in an office setting, particularly when individuals disagree on the thermostat setting. Like, a file organizer gets moved before the AC register since somebody is excessively cold. The before you know it, your HVAC airflow has been undermined.

Here is the related simple self diagnose error codes that you can understand easily:

  • The damaged dust collector of the air cleaner is shown as ‘AH’.
  • A blocked indoor air filter is shown as ‘A5’
  • A damaged suction air thermistor is shown as ‘C9’

Most of the air conditioners show their error codes on the remote control.

Get help fast if you notice these error codes. You can still self diagnose but it’s always better to call an expert.

Electric control failure

Electric control failure

If your air conditioner is switched off and on frequently, it’ll cause some obvious issues in the whole system. It can weaken the fans and compressors of the system. Also, if the system is larger than normal, these kinds of problems occur way more often.

The decaying of the wires and terminals of the system is a normal issue. And you definitely should look for professional help for these kinds of circumstances

Here are the common Electric Control Failure error codes for self-maintenance:

  • A damaged expansion valve is shown as ‘A9’, ‘91’, ‘E6’, and ‘E9’
  • A damaged indoor valve expansion is shown as ‘U9’

Inproper installation

Setting up the system improperly may likewise be the main reason for the light blinking issue. A few people tragically hire organizations with unpracticed experts who don’t have the correct preparing to set up a specific model. In such cases, they install the unit erroneously which prompts the blinking of light.

Here are the error codes to troubleshoot the issues:

  • If the installation of the capacity setting adapter was improperly installed, it’ll show as ‘PJ’ or ‘RJ’

Refrigerant shortage or leakage

york aircon refrigerant shortage

If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, possibly it was undercharged at installation or it leaks. If it leaks, just refilling refrigerant isn’t an answer. The better strategy to solve this issue is by fixing the leak first.

Recall that the exhibition and productivity of your air conditioner are most noteworthy when the refrigerant charge exactly coordinates the manufacturer’s particular and is neither undercharged nor overdone. Refrigerant leaks can damage the nature which should be looked after.

The related self diagnose error codes are:

  • An empty Refrigerant cylinder of the master unit is shown as ‘PA’
  • An empty refrigerant cylinder can be shown as ‘PC’
  • Shortage of refrigerant is shown as ‘U0’,70’, ‘71’, and ‘89’
  • A damaged refrigerant thermistor is shown as ‘82’ and ‘83’

You shouldn’t wait a bit to call for help from an expert if you notice a leakage problem. It is imperative to get leakage repair when it is found.

If you don’t repair the leakage in the system, it’ll cause you a lot of trouble. It’ll be expensive to repair it later. And if it’s kept unrepaired for a bit long time, it can severely damage your whole system for good. It is critical to enlist an expert to top off the refrigerant as undeveloped hands may additionally harm a unit.

Sensor problems

york aircon sensor problems

These air conditioning systems highlight an indoor regulator sensor. It’s behind the control board and this sensor measures the temp inside of the evaporative coil.

If any of the sensors get misplaced from its original positions, it’ll obviously misbehave. And you’ll notice a lot of irregularities. The sensor should never touch with the coil, or there’ll be difficulties. But it should be close to the coil.

The self-diagnosing error codes are:

  • Damage of fan motor sensors is shown as ‘C6’
  • Damage to the humidity sensor is shown as ‘CC’
  • A damaged low-pressure sensor is shown as ‘E4’
  • A damaged compressor sensor system is shown as ‘H0’
  • A damaged room temp sensor in Sys #1 is shown as ‘H1’
  • A damaged position detection sensor is shown as ‘H6’
  • Water level detecting sensor failure can be shown as ‘HJ’
  • A damaged pressure sensor is shown as ‘J1’
  • A damaged current sensor of the compressor is shown as ‘J2’
  • A damaged low-pressure temperature sensor in Sys #1 is shown as ‘J4’
  • A damaged high-pressure sensor in Sys #1 is shown as ‘JA’
  • A damaged low-pressure sensor in Sys #1  is shown as ‘JC’
  • A damaged oil pressure sensor is shown as ‘JE’
  • A damaged oil level sensor is shown as ‘JF’
  • A damaged radiation fin temperature sensor is shown as ‘P4’
  • A damaged low-pressure sensor in Sys #2 is shown as ‘75’
  • A damaged high-pressure sensor in Sys #2 is shown as ‘76’
  • A damaged compressor current sensor in Sys #2 is shown as ‘7A’

Faulty air filters

Faulty aircon air filters

Air filters are significant pieces of the entire system. They have a significant activity: to eliminate residue and trash from the air and keep it out of your hardware and your channels. There might be times when the filters in the aircon unit are not perfect. These filters are there to sanitize the air that is provided by the air conditioner to guarantee that solitary the natural air goes to the room. If the filter gets over-burden and stopped up, it hinders your HVAC airflow, prompting those hot and cold spots and stodgy air. The trash in the gear can harm parts too. In such cases, you might have the option to get your unit working again by cleaning the filters. The guidance manual may have steps to clean these filters.

The air filter related error codes are:

  • A faulty air filter is shown as ‘6J’

Don’t delay a moment when you notice this error code. Find professional help and replace it.


These are only a portion of the situations where a blinking light demonstrates that everything isn’t directly with the aircon. If you happen to see the lights in your air conditioner to be blinking, a few factors could have caused this. You can attempt some minor fix before you begin searching for professionals. Different reasons for air conditioner light blinking, for example, an issue with the circuit board are mind-boggling and are best to take care of by a professional. In any case, a blinking light is generally a marker that your unit should be adjusted if you anticipate that it should support you back as well as to do so proficiently. A certified professional is expected to analyze and repair these issues.

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