Will Air Conditioning Become Obsolete?

Air conditioners are a great source of relief for everyone going through a scorching heatwave. The fresh cooling of AC makes you forget everything and calms your entire mind and body.

Many people ask us, will air conditioning become obsolete?

In this article, we will discuss if air conditioners will become obsolete or not & what will be the prospect of air conditioning.

Could air conditioning become obsolete?

No, air conditioning will not become obsolete any time soon. Instead, the demand for air conditioning is going to exponentially increase in the future.

The reason is that global temperatures are increasing rapidly due to climate changes. Every year, we see a record-breaking increase in temperature in different parts of the world.

It is just a matter of time before we will regularly experience deadly heatwaves all across the globe.

Therefore, it will be immensely difficult for everyone to live without an air conditioner amid scorching heat.

This helps us conclude that air conditioning will not become obsolete any time soon. Perhaps, we will see a huge increase in the demand for air conditioners to combat deadly heatwaves.

What is the future of air conditioning?

The future of air conditioning is quite interesting. Will they become obsolete or not? There are so many big things about to happen. Let’s discuss them:

1. The demand for air conditioning will increase massively

The world is getting hotter with every passing year. It is becoming impossible to bear the scorching hot weather without an air conditioner.

According to an estimate by International Energy Agency, the number of window air conditioners installed in the world is expected to increase from 2 billion to 6 billion in the next 30 years.

This is a clear indication that air conditioning will not become obsolete. Its demand will exponentially increase in the coming year and nothing can stop it.

2. Innovations in the air conditioner industry

Since the demand for air conditioning will skyrocket in the future, a lot of competitors are entering the market. We will see much better products.

Companies are using the latest technologies to increase the efficiency of air conditioners, more power savings, better cooling, and less bad impact on the environment.

Air conditioning has become a mega-industry that will see a massive growth because everyone will rush to buy an air conditioner to combat the deadly heatwaves. So, there is no chance that the air conditioners will become obsolete.

3. Air conditioners will contribute to global warming

You know air conditioners release greenhouse gases which cause global warming and bring more heatwaves.

In the future, people are going to buy billions of more air conditioner units to counter the scorching heat. As a result, it will cause more emissions of greenhouse gases in the environment.

This is how air conditioners will contribute to global warming and cause a further increase in global temperatures.

However, it does not mean that air conditioning will become obsolete. It will continue. But the companies need to use the latest technology to ensure the air conditioners release the least amount of greenhouse gases into the environment.

That’s the way forward. Otherwise, we are heading towards a catastrophe.

Will air conditioning be banned?

No, there is no chance that air conditioning will ever get banned.

The reason is that air conditioning is the most convenient option available for people to counter the scorching heat. Without air conditioning, we will be left to suffer the deadly heatwaves.

People will keep on using air conditioners unless we take massive measures to counter global warming and the temperatures start decreasing.

Otherwise, you can’t even think that the governments will ban air conditioning.

However, many countries have banned certain refrigerants used in air conditioners like R22 because they are harmful to the environment.

These refrigerants cause ozone depletion and global warming so that’s why the governments are imposing a ban on using these refrigerants.

But this does not mean that air conditioners will become obsolete. There are many alternatives to these harmful refrigerants. For example, you can use R-410A, R-507, R-404A, and R-454B instead of R22.

Will people no longer need AC in the future?

No, it is utterly wrong & bizarre to say that people will no longer need AC in the future.

The practical reality is that air conditioners are going to be more in demand than ever before!

The temperature is increasing in every single country and the bad news is that it will keep getting hotter. The scorching hot weather will make it impossible for people to live a comfortable life without an air conditioner.

As per reports, there will be billions of new air conditioner users in the upcoming years.

Therefore, we can say that people will need more air conditioners in the future than they do today!

Why air conditioning will not become obsolete?

Here are all the reasons why air conditioning will never become obsolete:

1. Saves you from heat

Global warming has reached dangerous levels. We are about to witness deadly heat waves that can even kill you.

Air conditioning will keep your body cool and save you from scorching hot weather.

In the future, we will experience extremely hot weather and hence more people will use air conditioners.

It is a lifesaver!

2. You get better air quality

The air is going to become more and more polluted in the future.

If you will inhale contaminated air, you will suffer from serious diseases.

Air conditioners will filter the air and remove harmful particles from it. It will provide improve the quality of the air you inhale.

That’s why air conditioning will not become obsolete in the future.

3. Protection from heat stroke

Heatstroke has killed thousands of people across the world.

The risk of you getting affected by heatstroke is increasing due to an increase in temperature. It will get even worst in the future.

AC will provide you with a cool environment where you can relax and protect yourself from heatstroke.


Air conditioning will never become obsolete in the future.

Instead, the demand for air conditioners is going to skyrocket. We will see a sharp increase in the number of air conditioner users all over the world. Global warming & deadly heatwaves will force everyone to buy an air conditioner.

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