Air conditioner dry mode vs dehumidifier

This article we will share ac vs dehumidifier what do they do and the difference between air conditioner and dehumidifier.

What is an AC (Air Conditioner)?

Air conditioner is a device that helps eliminate warm air while discharging chilly explodes of air in a room. An air conditioner is the best device so far to help your room ventilated. Having cold air circulating the home will make you feel calm, which is a plus impact on your physical and mental well-being

Some air conditioner models have air filters that can remove dust, pet hair; dirt, and dander from the air to make a room cleaner for your smooth breath.

What is a dehumidifier?

What is a dehumidifier

It’s a device that is capable to dehumidify the room air. Such device moisture from the air and reduces dampness and growth of mold in an environment. Some of you may not know about this, but moisture may cause a lot of damage. The humidity also provides rise to an environment that shapes spore’s favor to grow in.

Moreover, wet air as particles which can trigger several allergic issues and asthma stacks. So by utilizing a decent humidifier, you can decrease the humidity as well as fungus. It’ll help provide your household with neat and clean air to breathe.

AC dry mode and dehumidifier differences and similarities

What are the similarities and difference between air conditioner and dehumidifier? We’re going to give you an in-depth dehumidifier vs ac guide now. Below, we’ve broken down the major similarities as well as the differences. We hope the info we’ve shared provides you the answers you’re in search of.


Let’s start with the difference between dry mode in ac and dehumidifier.

  1. Dealing with Moisture
    AC’s dry mode and dehumidifier handle humidity a little another way. Certainly, mutually condense humidity on the cooling coils inside the machine. Though, an Air conditioner pools the condensate in a space (tank, pan, etc) that drains outside, usually via a drainage tube.

    Dehumidifier on the other side, after pulling the moisture from the room air, store it in a moisture reservoir. A hose connection is ordinary there for drainage. Such devices also tend to have an auto power-off feature to avoid spillage.

  2. Mode of Operation
    The way the air conditioner and dehumidifier’s work is different. In a dehumidifier, the room air travels across a line of cooling coils, and then rapidly over a set of heating coils. After such a journey, the room air then is released into the outer side as drier air (well-decreased humidity).

    As for an air conditioner dry mode, the air travels over just the cooling air coils and then discharged into the area. Moreover, the heated Freon passes via a tube (that’s outside the hose in AC) and into the coils. The outer air passed over its earlier release.

  3. Changing Temperature
    Temperature control is one more main difference between an air conditioner dry mod and a dehumidifier. AC dry mode is used to controlling the overall temp of an area. AC’s have been made to expel warm air out of a room while throwing cold air in a space.

    Dehumidifiers are not utilized for temp control. They’re more a bit concerned with the moisture levels of certain space and will assist extract humidity from a room.

  4. Technology alters
    A dehumidifier utilizes both hot and cold coils; the air is sucked into it and passed over the cool coils, reasoning condensation. The room air then passes over the hot side on the way out, restoring the space temperature.

    An air conditioner only has cool coils, so the vapor still condenses, but the room air that’s discharged back into space in much cooler. You never need to run an AC and a dehumidifier at a similar time.


Of course, there’re certain similarities among a dehumidifier and an AC. We’re going to cover a few of these major similarities to help you know more about these machines.

VentilationThe major similarity among a dehumidifier and air conditioner has to do with ventilation. Both machines are capable to offer comfortable ventilation in an inside space. You can simply operate them in living rooms, bedrooms, or even the basement for air conditioner ventilation purposes.
Cleaner AirBoth, the dehumidifier and an air conditioner can be utilized to make sure the flow of cleaner air indoors. These machines have filters in them that are capable to trap certain particulates in the room air. The air filters can trap pet dander, dust, and hair. This allows for the area to have clean air for each one to breathe.
PortabilityAll depending on the variant you go for, air conditioner and dehumidifier also provide a certain extent of portability (smaller size, with wheels, etc). These portability levels make it simpler for you to move these devices from room to room all depending on what’s needed in terms of moisture or temp control.
Health IssuesDehumidifiers and AC’s are also the same when it comes to assuring prevention from specific health-related problems. Due to both machines offering you a decent amount of control over temp and moisture, the clean and fresh air they produce can help keep specific allergic problems at bay. Both machines, due to the use of air filters, can also get rid of certain particulates that might reason skin problems.
Water StorageBoth devices extract humidity from the air, this means they need to store as well as expect moisture. That’s why these machines have a drainage feature.

Air conditioner vs dehumidifier. Which one is better?

Is a dehumidifier better than an air conditioner? Firstly, it’s vital to learn dehumidifier versus air conditioner. Your objective will eventually decide which device you need.

A dehumidifier will eliminate the excess moisture without causing temp to drop significantly. An AC will decrease the moisture and lower the temp massively. So dehumidifiers are a great choice in situations where humidity is an issue but where significant cooling is not needed.

An air conditioner is perfectly suited when the major aim is for cooling, though, it also acts as a dehumidifier in dry mode.

Several fine portable air cons currently have a feature whereby you can separate the cooling as well as dehumidifying features. This is best because you can then utilize the AC as a powerful and strong dehumidifier in the winter season and then turn it over to utilize as an out and outside Air Con unit in the summer period.

Bottom line

Will a dehumidifier cool a room? Yes because dehumidifier reduces humidity. Less humid air make us feel cool if we know what humidity should i set my dehumidifier to.  

Dehumidifier tends to be less costly than AC units too, and also use less energy. Though, no matter how strong a dehumidifier you purchase, it’s never going to decrease the temp of a warm area down to usual levels. It’ll though keep moisture levels reduce and protect you and your house from wetness, condensation and mold all year round. It’s also compact and less noisy than AC.

Does ac dehumidify? Yes, air conditioner will dehumidify our room. An air conditioner costs more to purchase and more energy to run, but its job is to keep you cool during the hot season and it does this remarkably much better than a humidifier will. Last month we write a step by step with no step skipped guide in regards to what is the best temperature for dry mode. Please kindly have a look if interested.

Also, if you want, you can utilize your air conditioner in the cold season to do the job of a dehumidifier machine. So probably if you need to cover all the basses and be dry and cool in the hot season in Singapore, and dry in the winter, then install wall mounted air conditioner or portable air conditioner is probably the best bet.

Dry mode vs fan mode, which is better? Please refer to our previous article for more.

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