What is the best humidity setting for a dehumidifier

what humidity should i set my dehumidifier to? We gotta figure out how a dehumidifier works first.

What does a dehumidifier do? It’s a very simple question and it sure does have a very simple answer. Your dehumidifier removes water vapor from the air of your room and that’s the basic part. Water vapor is pretty much everywhere and it has a lot of advantages. But that’s not all, cause if that was all, we wouldn’t even need a dehumidifier in the first place.

Dehumidifier sucks out all the water vapor from your room and makes your room dry using its fans and other parts. Now, drying your room by drawing out the moist air helps your room stay cooler along with other benefits. For example, moist air can cause molds to grow. They act as allergens along with causing other health issues.

What should i set my dehumidifier at

Now, about the best humidity setting for your dehumidifier, there is no simple answer. Cause the answer varies a lot considering a lot of factors. They can depend on pretty much a lot of factors, factors that we’re gonna discuss here in detail. Here are some of the factors that you should focus on. So that you can determine the best settings for your dehumidifier:


Now, this is a very important factor for your dehumidifier to work efficiently. It matters what type of room you’re using the dehumidifier in, and that will surely change the variations. The space of the room matters along with the types of the room. And that includes the living room, basements, or even the bathroom. The dehumidifier will work efficiently to prevent mold growth from your rooms. Along with protection from bacterial or other fungal infestations.  And that pretty much can be caused by high humidity levels. If you don’t set up the right setting according to your room type, it can cause bad side effects. Bad side effects like too much dry room or the complete opposite, and we don’t wanna have that.

And calculating the right place to install your dehumidifier can be complex. That will surely cause a tremendous effect on their performance without a doubt. Alternatively, you can buy a portable dehumidifier that is ideal for the room you’re gonna use them in.

Dehumidifier Controls

Only if we simplify the work methods of our usual dehumidifiers, we get 2 different methods on how they work. One of the methods works by freezing the air at a certain temperature. It pretty much works similarly as an air conditioner which is kinda neat. It cools the air and by doing that, it can prevent humidity from staying or forming.

The other method is by absorbing the humidity directly, which is a bit complicated process. And this method surely does cost a lot than the usual ones.

Different Modes

On average, we pretty much see a lot of different settings your dehumidifier can work with. That includes a manual mode, condensate pumping with gravity draining, and many more.

You’ll have to use high quality and not to mention convenient pumps for condensate processings. So that you can experience the best performance. If you’ve set up all the drainage processes in the right ways, then just wait for the good work. No need to worry about the very detailed setups. Because modern dehumidifiers do their job along with being very much user-friendly. Unlike in the past that you had to pretty much understand what was going on just to change the humidity level. The humidity levels are set automatically. And that’s what the internal humidistat sensors are for. Although, you should remember that the optimal humidity level of your room should be between 45 to 50%. Any more or less can have bad side effects and we don’t want that.

Dehumidifier Settings

Humidity setting on a dehumidifier can hugely affect their work efficiency. Along with your electric bills of course. The recommended values differ from time to time. That includes different room sizes, different seasons. Even our moods can differ with different levels of humidity.  If we’re talking about average humidity levels for our comfort, then the answer is between 30 to 60 percent. But that’s not a direct answer to the topic, is it?

Keeping the humidity below 60 percent is the ideal solution for pretty much any situation. If you’re using them in your basement, then focus on keeping the humidity level at 50 percent. It will surely provide you protection from mold, fungal infestation, and even dust mites and that’s not all. Just make sure not to go below the recommended dehumidifier setting or it might cause serious health problems.

How long does a dehumidifier take to work

Now, this is a bit tricky question but let’s try to answer them as simply as we can. On the first time use, average dehumidifiers take up to 12 to 14 hours and that can be a bit upsetting. But fear not, that’s not gonna happen for the rest of your daily lives. The average time your dehumidifier takes to start working varies a lot. For example, it can vary on how fast your dehumidifier can suck out running air and extract the humidity from them. It can mostly vary on the dehumidifier settings you’re using and that’s not all. It’s not very easy to explain these processes in detail about how the dehumidifier works. But we can always simply them for everyone, which we are doing right now.

Now based on rough calculations, your dehumidifier should be able to suck out 40 to 50 percent of total humidity presence from your room. But it also depends on the humidity setting on the dehumidifier and we do have to keep that in mind. Most of the dehumidifier gets to work almost instantly if you use the recommended dehumidifier setting. But of course, the room size matters to calculate these numbers. In conclusion, the time it takes differs hugely and we should learn to figure out which humidity setting on dehumidifier suits us.

In conclusion, the controls do matter when you’re using the dehumidifier. And expecting its maximum efficiency like any normal people. Just make sure not to use extreme dehumidifier’s setting under any circumstances. Always use the recommended dehumidifier setting as a good start, then fine tune from there to get the best sweet spot for your air conditioners.

Can i use a dehumidifier and an air conditioner at the same time? Yes! Please refer to our latest guide for more.

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