BTU calculation formula for air conditioner

What is air conditioner BTU? How many BTU i need per square meter? How do you calculate the size of an air conditioner? Our air conditioner btu chart will give you the answer shortly.

What is btu?

A British thermal unit (BTU) is a standard unit of power that is used in the United States and sometimes in the U.K. It shows the quantity of thermal power essential to increase the temperature of 1 pound of clean liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit temperature at which water has its utmost density (39 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Btu is a measure in the famous English system of units. Other countries use the Joule, the unit of power in the international system of Units. An aircon BTU is equivalent to about 1055 joules.

What is btu

The Btu is generally used as a quantitative specification of the power-transferring or power-producing capability of cooling and heating system such as ovens, furnaces, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

The warm output of computer equipment is generally specified so that it can be considered when planning the size of climate control systems in buildings. Computer gadget heat output is expressed in Btus per hour.

3.7 per hour is equal to one watt of heat dissipation.

BTU in general household items

You will most generally find it to used to calculate BTU/hr (BTUs per hour) in cooling and heating machines but it is also used to measure the value of many other items.

BTU is used as a unit of classification in:

  1. Solar hot water heating
  2. Heaters
  3. Air conditioners
  4. Heating fuel
  5. Gas fire pits
  6. Cooking devices

Too much of a good thing

A top number of BTUs is not forever the answer. Using an aircon for living room level higher than required can cause the unit to chill fast, cycle off, and then, to maintain your wanted temperature, have to cycle on again soon after.

By cycling off and on in such fitful spurts of time, your aircon AC compressor will fast over-work itself. If done frequently and excessively, you will likely shorten the lifespan of your unit.

This is not exclusive to aircon units. The same goes for all air condition units, including the famous central air conditioners and windows as well.

Too little, too late

Using an aircon with not enough advised BTUs will keep you from reaching your wanted comfort level. The heat load will be very high for your unit to handle. This will cause your air condition unit to run continuously and never reach your set temperature level. Not to mention cut down its lifespan.

How to use btu to choose aircon size

What is aircon btu? How many btu air conditioner do i need? How big of a generator do i need to run a 5000 btu air conditioner?

Most people get worried when it comes to the selection of the best BTU air conditioner for room size. Others will go for those that are big thinking that the chilling effect will be excellent. The fact remains that oversized units are less successful and a waste of power. An extra-large unit is likely to chill the room fast but leave some wetness behind. The end outcome is a room that is damp and clammy.

Size is not a big deciding factor when you want to pick your aircon. All that affairs are getting the best unit that will be capable to provide the best chilling capacity in line with the room size. In essence, if you go for a unit that is too little, it may not be capable to provide the best cooling inefficiency. On the other hand, an AC that is too huge will also not best for a room that is little. It will only cycle off and on and this will translate to power loss and misuse of power. Additionally, using a larger aircon in a little room will also affect the ability of the unit to dehumidify the room successfully.

As you strive to pick the right BTU for your room, it is best to consider other determining factors such as the type of climate and the height of the ceiling. Apart from the room type and insulation, it is equally vital to keep in mind the place and how much the room is naked to the sun.  This is the just way you will get the best power efficient chilling system that will make your house as relax as you want.

BTU rating number is extremely vital because it will support you to know how effective or fast an aircon stem can be capable to chill a room. These rating numbers generally range from 5,000 BTUs up to 20,000. As you proceed to pick the right AC for your home or commercial building, the easy calculation must be performed.

For starters, the size of the area where the unit is going to fixed is very vital. You can get the square footage of the room by multiplying the width and the length.  After this, it will be simple to get the best BTUs that you need using a British thermal unit calculator. Other things that will also come in contain nearest the sun and the full number of people that are likely to be using the room. For example, if the room in a sunny place, the BTUs are supposed to be increased by ten percent. The opposite should be performed if the room is placed in a shady location.

If the room is occupied by more than 2 people on a regular basis, six-hundred extra BTUs are supposed to be included for each extra person. Also, the condition should be the same if the aircon system is going to be located in the kitchen. In this case, the capability should be increased to 4,000 BTUs. The right place where you are going to install the unit is equally of huge significance.  For example, if you are going to install it at the corner of the room, it is best to look for a unit size that will be capable to distribute the air in the correct direction.

BTU calculation formula for air conditioner

btu chart based on room size


Most of the big aircon brands are extremely reputable in the HVAC market and are famous to be the most power-efficient systems. They have the highest power rating ( Mandatory Energy Labeling Scheme ) and also last for long before any breakdowns. Maintenance and use are equally pretty effortless. Nonetheless, all these advantages come at an expense of a costlier price. Above all, the system size you pick forever be in line with your needs.

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