Air conditioner making pulsating noise

Like all other electronic appliances, your air conditioning systems can make some sounds, sometimes loud noises. This is an indication of the system not working properly or having some issues. Whether the sound is clicking, banging, or clanking, it should be inspected as soon as possible because it can lead to some significant issues and may also require repairing.

So, these noises are not only annoying, and a reason to get tense but can cost you a lot of money as well. Air conditioner making pulsating noise is usually known as the harmonics. This sound is not that bad and can be heard while your air conditioner is operating. Actual problems occur when this minor pulsating sound begins to become a loud noise.

Air conditioner making pulsating sound

Why aircon noisy? In general, pulsating sound that usually comes from the air conditioning system’s outdoor unit should not signal an alarm but should be checked at least once.

Minor pulsating sound is considered normal, but if the sound is too loud to be heard inside your home, it could indicate a loose component or panel’s vibration.

The most common components that could be lost include motor, fan blade, fan coil, etc. There are possibilities that this minor pulsating noise is coming from a fan motor that may need immediate repairing or even replacement.

Window Air Conditioner Making Pulsating Noise

People who live in a hot climate where the temperature barely comes down, usually look for a window air conditioner. Still, they may fall into a situation where they think about how to quiet their noisy window air conditioner.

Although you take good care of your window air conditioner, it can make some noises due to various reasons. Pulsating noise can be disturbing and need to be looked out for. Below is the proper procedure to get the job done so that you can sleep in a quiet peaceful place.

  • Firstly, disconnect your air conditioning unit from electricity because you can get 220-volt shock otherwise.
  • While working near the fan blade, take care of your fingers as the fan blade is sharp enough to hurt your fingers badly.
  • Check voltage because low voltage could be a reason behind pulsating noise of your window air conditioner.
  • Examine the support wall to ensure that the wall is solid and doesn’t have any damages.
  • Loose brackets and joints can also cause such noises sometimes, so tighten all such parts of AC.
  • Fan motors and fan bearings could be a significant reason for pulsating noise, oil them all.
  • Remove dust from the unit using a vacuum.
  • Grease all screws, brackets, joints, and nuts.
  • Check for loose or damaged belts and repair or replace them.

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Portable Air Conditioner Making Pulsating Noise

Like all other air conditioners, portable air conditioners do have a compressor, so you can’t avoid noise completely. However, noises that are not so common such as pulsating sounds, should be addressed immediately.

Experts claim that the pulsating noise is caused almost every time because of some loose part, damaged body, or vibration. A compressor is considered the primary source of pulsating noise in a portable air conditioner, while refrigerant wires are the secondary. So the good thing is that you can fix it quickly.

  • Open the AC unit and see if the compressor is vibrating. It almost looks like a car battery.
  • If yes, check its platform because the plastic platform can easily be broken, causing the compressor to vibrate and make pulsating noise.
  • If the platform is the actual cause, it is recommended to replace your AC’s platform with a wooden one.
  • Use isolation feet or small rubber as support to the compressor. It will absorb vibration resulting in the elimination of pulsating sound.
  • If you cannot figure out the actual cause, it is wise to call a professional because the air conditioner is a messy thing and needs to be fixed by an expert.  

RV Air Conditioner Making Pulsating Noise

RV air conditioner is one of the most compact and small size AC that people in small offices are widely using, and rooms. This type of air conditioner doesn’t usually make noise, but it can, like all other appliances.

There is rubber at the bottom that keeps the air conditioner’s copper tubes smooth and steady. The rubber can be worn over time, and your AC can start making the pulsating sound very loudly. If your RV air conditioner makes pulsating noise and the noise gets stopped once you open the cover, there are huge chances that worn rubber is the actual cause.  

  • If you have a rubber, then simply replace it if you don’t have any rubber or access to the market. Simply find a rubber tube and cut a small piece of it.
  • Slide this tube piece down through the copper tube until it reaches the hose clamp.
  • Tighten your hose clamps and see if the problem is resolved.  

Air conditioner makes noise after shut off

Air conditioner makes noise

When you shut off an air conditioner, its fan loses its speed and begins to slow down. It can cause the pump to hit the air conditioner’s outer body casing, resulting in a knocking or pulsating sound.

To eliminate the noise, you may have to replace the whole compressor because it is a single component and can’t be replaced in portions. This could be expensive. Therefore, experts usually suggest that you should leave this noise as it will not bring any damages.

Air conditioner making pulsating noise inside

As discussed earlier, pulsating sound can be produced due to some specific issues. There are possibilities that this sound stops when you open the cover and start again if you put the cover back on the AC unit.

Suppose the cause behind this noise is not from the reason mentioned above, and you cannot get rid of it. In that case, it is highly recommended to call an HVAC professional because tweaking things without proper knowledge can lead to significant issues and troubles.

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