Can I pour hot water on frozen air conditioner

Your HVAC unit is one of the few things that are considered essential to make your life comfortable and way easy to live in. During the hot summer days, the air conditioner is the only source of cool and comfortable air which helps you to survive extreme temperatures while during the winter, AC protects you to feel like you are living in a cool storage room.

Where there are many aspects and things related to the HVAC unit, the frozen air conditioner is one of those that should be resolved immediately. When people find themselves in such a situation, they come up with one common solution in mind which is to pour hot water.

Although this solution seems helpful, the question that remains still is, can I pour hot water on the frozen air conditioner?

Can you pour hot water on a frozen air conditioner

In a single word, Yes. Pouring hot water on a frozen air conditioner is a real phenomenon and can help you in removing the icing on the frozen coils of your AC.

Frozen air conditioners cannot only reduce the efficiency of the unit but can badly affect its performance while increasing the utility bills as well.

There is no hard science in pouring hot water as it speeds up the process of ice melt and helps the air conditioner to return faster to its actual performance and cooling abilities.

Although pouring hot water is a common and helpful solution, you are not bound to go for it as there are some other solutions available that can help in efficiently reaching your goal.

Most air conditioners have an option as “Defrost” which has the same and only function to remove the icing from air conditioner coils and make it ready to work in its full capacity. Simply running an air conditioner on defrost setting will also bring you positive results.

Can hot water damage an AC unit

AC units are manufactured in such a way that they can withstand almost all kinds of extreme conditions whether it is high temperatures or raining water.

AC units don’t get affected just by water even if it is hot but some other external aspects can lead to issues.

Water Itself will bring no harm and will get you to your desired results but water combined with dirt and dust can become a reason for debris and mold buildup.

So, you only need to make sure that the AC unit is not submerged in the water and water is not standing inside the unit while it is ON.

Can you pour hot water on a frozen heat pump

If there is ice on the heat pump, it is highly recommended to be extremely careful while removing ice because using any hard or sharp tools cannot only damage the system but may ruin it to an extreme extent.

Copper coolant lines in air conditioners are the most prone thing to damage if hit by any tool or equipment. This is the reason that pouring hot water on a frozen heat pump is not only effective but probably the most efficient solution as well.

How to unfreeze a unit fast with hot water

  1. You can start the process by turning the thermostat OFF. This will immediately stop the transfer of cool refrigerant to the outside unit thus making it easy for the ice to come off.
  2. Turn ON the AC fan as it will keep on blowing hot air to the unit. This may not be able to remove the ice to the fullest but will help speed up the process.
  3. Pour hot water onto the unit directly on the frozen area. Don’t put too much water, instead just pour on the right spot.

The combination of hot water along with warm air will remove the ice in almost no time. You can also use a dull scraper or something like that to remove ice while pouring water on the unit. The tools should only be off plastic that too with a dull face because sharp or metal tools can damage the AC unit.

How long does it take for AC to unfreeze with hot water

If we talk about the normal procedure of unfreezing an AC unit using a defrost setting, it can take somewhere between a single hour to a whole day.

There is no exact time limit taken by an AC unit to unfreeze as this thing mainly depends on different factors such as the outdoor temperature, weather conditions, and especially the extent of the ice on the unit.

Users have claimed that if you pour the hot water on the right place that too with the appropriate conditions, it will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes but if you just pour water on the system without knowing which part to point to, it may take a little bit longer. 

The ideal temperature of hot water to unfreeze AC unit fast

Some people think that pouring boiling water on AC will help the unit to unfreeze fast but it is not the practice recommended by experts or common users.

Experts recommend simply pouring fresh water coming out of the null or going with the lukewarm water. This practice is helpful at one place while safe at the other.

Most people claim that water temperature ranging from 35°C to 45°C (95°F to 112°F) is the best suitable to unfreeze AC units in a fast as well as safe manner.

Pros of using hot water to unfreeze an air conditioner

  • Hot water speeds up the unfreezing process while rapidly thawing your AC.
  • Easy to implement the solution.
  • Doesn’t require expensive tools or products.
  • Doesn’t cause any damage in normal conditions.

Cons of using hot water to unfreeze an air conditioner

  • Extra hot water can cause steam or may affect the performance of the AC unit.
  • Be careful while pouring hot water as it should not be on wires or circuits.

We strongly recommend you learn what causes an air conditioner to freeze up and what to do when your ac freezes. Please message us if you need help troubleshooting frozen AC.

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