What to do when your air conditioner freezes up

You AC is freezing up? Freezing of air conditioner is something that happened frequent in summertimes. Many of the people are unaware of the knowledge to protect their air conditioner from this problem. It is very major problem which ruins your pleasant day in to hot blasting day.

How to detect frozen AC unit

How to detect frozen AC unit

You need to check the supply registers. If they are warm? This is the indicator that your coils are frozen. Now you just open the panel and check the layer of ice on the coils. If you are not having much ice it does not means that you are not facing this problem. Even a single layer of ice is the indicator to this problem.

Before getting in to the causes, reason and prevention first come to know that how your AC works. When the air present around you is hot it means that the molecules present around in the air has a lot of energy. The temperature depends on the energy level of molecules present in the air. If there is cold outside it means that the energy levels of molecules is low in the air. The system of AC is to decrease the energy levels of molecules in the air present around you. Air conditioner expands the refrigerant present inside the coil. They cool down and when they leave the air conditioner. It cools the air present inside your house or room. If something is disturbed in your air conditioner. It will disturbs the whole function of your unit.

We may suffer from hot weather in the specific part of the year. The most disappointing thing is when you return back to your home is that you suffer from heat and warm weather and your AC is not working properly. One of the problem which people usually faces is that their AC refrigerant freezes up. It is the most common malfunctioning problem is that your unit freezes up. When your AC freezes up your entire home freezes up. These kind of incident happened in hot summer day. When you see that your air conditioner lines freezes up and covered with ice. It is not an identical case. You need not to be worried it can happened frequently during hot summer day. In this article we will take a quick review why this happens and what precaution you should take. It includes tips and tricks, what to do when your ac unit freezes up and how to prevent your AC from this condition.

Steps to be taken when your AC unit freezes up

Steps to be taken when your AC unit freezes up

The first step is that you should turn your AC off and let it threw the ice from the coils. Find out the day when you don’t need AC or you will not be at home. Turn your AC off for whole day but keep the bowler running. Keep your thermostat off and fan on. This will help in deforesting you’re a coil. Some time to your AC to defrost the coil. If you want to get rid from the heat during this process go to somewhere else like go to theaters or watch movie to keep yourself relax.

The high temperature and cold movie theaters are the best combination. Try not to use Your AC unit while coils frozen up. They strains the AC compressor. Try not to damage the compressor because it is the most expensive part of your AC unit. This strain destroy your most important and expensive part and you will going to face a lot of new and unplanned expenses. You should not even try to break the ice from the coils with heavy tools. It may cause another damage and creates new problems for you.

The other step when you come to know that you have frozen ac unit give some time to dry up the coils. Switch off the power system and turn own the bowler fan. It moves around the coils and make them dry more quickly. If your coils are properly dried up. Your system will start working properly and protect to happen this again. These are the two basic steps to be followed when you come to know that your system freezes up.

Start up your unit

After these steps turn on your AC again. It start cooling again. See if you are receiving the air cooler than your room temperature, your AC is perfectly fine and running again.

Why your AC unit frozen up

Why your AC unit frozen up

The main reasons why ac freezes up is poor airflow. The evaporator coil cools up when airflow faces blockage. AC evaporator is full of refrigerant coils. During the normal condition warm air passes over the coil. If it face any blockage they start freezing up. The ice may appears on the freezing coils.

Dirty filters

If you want to prevent your AC from freezing check your filter frequently. Dirty Air Filter is also a reason of your AC unit frozen up because it creates the hurdle in air flowing. If air flow is not proper it eventually make a layer of ice on it. Dirty filter is the cause of sweaty debacle. Separate the cover and check your filter. If you find it uncleansed replace it with a new one. You can find new filters from anywhere. It will make the performance of your Air Conditioner efficient. Interested to learn how to clean aircon filter?

Blower fan

If your bowler fan is not working properly it also damages your air conditioner and makes the life of you AC harder. It help to maintain the airflow and make its function proper. If you are doubtful call HVAC team to check your bowler fan. They may check the rotation of fan, direction, rotation speed and power output.

Improper condensate drain line

Your air conditioner absorbs the heat from the surrounding and through the cool outside your unit. Any of the moisture that is present in the air drip on the tray and turn into ice. When it turns into more moisture and water increases it makes your AC unit frozen. If you see this blockage call your HVAC technicians immediately.


Inspect your vents whether they are blocked or unblocked. If any furniture is placed near the vents, move it and give proper space to so air can pass through these vents properly.

Refrigerant leakage

All the parts of air conditioner are working all the time and they get clogged or stuck anytime. Refrigerant lines can leak, fans get stopped or filters become block. Any of these problem damage your air pressure. The refrigerant expands and become cool. Refrigerants are the essential part in your unit. If their level is low they may cause the problem of freezing. We recommend check freon level regularly. How to check ac freon?

How to protect your AC unit from frozen

How to protect your AC unit from frozen

Replace your Air Filter

As it is mentioned earlier that dirty air filters are one of the cause of frozen AC unit. The purpose of air filters is to clean the air present in the home. Check your filter on monthly basis and replace it with new one. Changing of filter depends on following reasons

  • Use good quality of filter otherwise change it frequently
  • If you have pets and children at your home change it
  • The area where you are living
  • Change it if your house members are addicted to smoking
  • If you use your system more often.

Inspect airflow of your unit

The other main reason is obstruction in airflow. This may cause malfunctioning of your system. Blockage in vents and filters is also the reason your system frozen up.

Maintenance of Coolant levels

You should not only relay on the seasonal maintenance of your system. Try to maintain tune up your system often by HVAC technicians. This includes inspection of coolant levels and charging. Use different measuring tools to check the levels. Don’t use coolant chemicals because they are harmful. Leave it to your technicians.

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