Can Someone Break In Through Air Conditioner

Due to the rising temperatures, it is becoming impossible to live without an air conditioner. The cold air of the AC helps us relax amid scorching heat.

But do you know your air conditioner can also be a gateway for burglars?

Can someone break in through the air conditioner? Yes, they can! We will show you how burglars can break into your house through the air conditioner and what you can do to stop it from happening.

Can people break in through AC?

Yes, people can break in through the window air conditioners.

There have been many such incidents reported by the police where the burglar opened the window AC from outside to enter the building and steal the precious items present inside.

The reason is that a window air conditioner is installed on a window. Most people just fix the AC on the window without any special protection. The burglars just have to open some screws, nuts, and bolts to remove the AC from the window and sneak inside your home to steal the items present inside.

On the other hand, it is impossible to break in through a wall-mounted air conditioner because there’s no space to sneak into the building.

Is my window AC secure?

No, if you have not taken any special protective measures, your window AC might not be safe.

The burglars can use special tools and tricks to open your window air conditioner from outside. After that, they may steal your air conditioner only OR they can enter your home and steal the other items present inside.

That’s why it is important to take protective measures to avoid such unfortunate incidents.

Can someone break in through a wall-mounted air conditioner?

No, it is almost impossible to break in through a wall-mounted air conditioner.

The reason is that a wall-mounted air conditioner is attached to the wall with help of a few screws, nuts, and bolts. There are some wires and a pipe that go through a small hole and connect with the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

There is no space in the wall for a burglar to break into your house.

However, you are recommended to take special protective measures given in this article to prevent someone from stealing the outdoor unit of your wall-mounted AC.

Can someone break in through a window air conditioner?

Yes, if your window air conditioner is on the ground floor or first floor, and you have not taken any protective measures against burglars, someone can easily break into your house.

Since the window air conditioner is installed on a window, the thieves use special tools and tricks to open the air conditioner from outside and break into your house. Once the AC is removed, they have a whole window available to jump inside the building and steal whatever they want.

Can someone break in through the central air conditioner?

No, it is not possible to break in through a central air conditioner because it is installed outside the building and the air goes in through a pipe. So, there’s no space for a person to enter the building.

In big industries, there are huge air ducts for air conditioning the whole building. They are big enough for a person to crawl. However, it can only happen in movies when a person infiltrates the building through the air ducts of a central air conditioner.

How do you burglar-proof an air conditioner?

If you want to prevent someone from breaking into your house through the air conditioner OR you want to prevent someone from stealing your air conditioner – here’s what to do:

Method 1 – Use a security cage for the window air conditioner

You can purchase a window AC security cage from the market and install it around your window air conditioner.

The cage is installed on your window frame and it is secured by screws on multiple points for solid protection.

If there will be a protective cage around your window air conditioner, it will be impossible for the thieves to remove the AC from the window and enter the house.

Even if the thieves try to remove the protective steel cage, it cannot be done without heavy equipment and making large noise. They don’t want to do that because it will alert the people around.

The cage is the best protection!

Method 2 – Make the window air conditioner difficult to access

If you have more options, you should not install a window air conditioner on the ground floor. It’s because the burglars can easily access the AC and remove it whenever they want.

Instead, you should install it as high as you can. So, the burglars will need a big ladder to access the AC. They don’t carry an extension ladder with them all the time.

This will make things more difficult for them and prevent them from stealing.

Method 3 – Install window alarms

Window alarms are very effective and affordable.

You should get one and install it with your window air conditioner.

If the thieves try to break in through the window air conditioner, the alarm will produce huge noises and alert you and everyone around.

Method 4 – Install a good window lock

Window locks are the quickest way to secure a window air conditioner.

These locks connect the window air conditioner with the bottom of your window frame and secure them strongly.

This way it becomes more difficult for the criminals to remove the air conditioner. They cannot afford to smash the window because the loud noise will alert everyone.

Method 5 – Use window AC mounting support bracket

This bracket is made from heavy steel. You can install it under your window air conditioner to add another layer of protection.

Dismantling the window air conditioner from this bracket is not very easy. The criminals will have to spend a lot of time and use special tools to do it.

Method 6 – Invest in security cameras

You should install a good security camera that will alert you whenever there’s any suspicious activity around your window & window air conditioner. You can find many affordable security cameras that can be connected to mobile phones for real-time updates.

We also encourage you to learn how to protect outside ac unit from theft.

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