Do aircons use a lot of electricity

As the warmth of the summer seasons beats down outside, having the comfy of a cool house is of the utmost value. Unfortunately, electricity bills look to increase considerably during the summer season. For a few people, this means the difference between staying healthy and comfortable and having a fork up and more bucks in power and energy costs. So why aircon electricity consumption does is so high?

How air conditioner units use power

In order to know why air conditioner power consumption is high, it’s vital to know how AC works. Same to the refrigerator, an AC unit uses a range of tubes that air into coils called evaporator and coils. A compressor continuously moves it throughout the unit.

Inside it, the refrigerant evaporates and makes a gas that obtains pumped back into the compressor area, expelling warmth outside and sending cold air flowing all through your room.

This is a bit complex system that needs a lot of electricity to run, and the cooler you maintain your air conditioner the more energy it needs. Since several people leave their units running continually more summer; this boosts the number of Air conditioner power consumption charts and uses the cost of energy.

Why my air condition consume so much power?

If you’re experiencing a rapid spike in your Air Con power consumption, there might be a problem with the system itself. If your AC unit goes without usual maintenance, you might experience cooling issues, drainage issues, thermostat problems, and many more.

If your system experiences any of these issues, it might cause the system to work harder to provide cold air, raising the Wattage of AIRCON necessary. An experienced technician can handle issues with you’re a and recommended solutions

Why my air condition consume so much power

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters keep your home ducting, air handler, and inside coil clean. When they’re not replaced, debris will build upon your air filter. They can become very dirty that that block air flows all trough your duck work.

Limited airflow will lead your system to take longer to cool down your room. Increased run times can lead you to have big energy bills because of overheating compressors and motors. There’re reusable filters that you can only clean off and there’re changeable ones that you’d change every thirty days.

We recommended utilizing the replaceable ones since they let for better airflow. This is the number 1 and the simplest thing you can do to keep your air conditioner power consumption low and prevent massive energy bills.

Low Refrigerant

Air cons and heat pumps, utilize refrigerant to move heat and eliminate it form the room. Fewer refrigerants would not allow your unit to eliminate warmth efficiently. If your system running low then you’ll see a boost in your electricity bills because the unit is going to have to work longer and harder to handle the thermostat.

The case for low refrigerant is most likely to leak, they can happen all through the unit of line and coils sets that moves the refrigerant. Expert service is required to perfectly diagnose that there’s a leak, where it is happening, and what’d be done to maintain it.

Parts Failure

Parts failure on your units like capacitors, motors, and the compressor will outcome in big power bills. The elimination in production from a failing part is going to cause your unit to be very less efficient. For instance, if there’s a failing condenser motor and you are to cool your room, the motor is not going to eliminate warmth from your room well.

The struggling of motor and the thermostat not being working well is going to cause the motor to run harder and longer cause big power bills. This can go on till your motor stop working and you have an Air Con breakdown.

Duct Leak

It work distributes air all through your house, it plays a key part for the efficiency of your unit because it delivers the wanted outcomes of your AC. A duct lead decreases your unit’s ability to distribute fresh air and satisfy your AC thermostat.

If your AC is taking a long time, then it is going to run longer and harder. Your system running longer while achieving fewer outcomes will lead to high energy bills. Right flow is important to have an efficient and healthy unit. We recommended having an AC duct seal done to fix this main issue.

Lack of maintenance

Having an AC expert come take a look at your AC unit will benefit you with maintaining the unit efficiently and preventing some possible breakdowns. This is also one of the top things you can do to avoid big energy bills because the expert has all the tools essential to examine the performance and condition of your unit and its parts.

The expert will make some recommendations like replacing a capacitor, getting a coil clean, surge protector, duct sealing, hard start kit, and maybe getting an air con programmable thermostat.

Old Unit

An Old AC unit probably means that your unit is not extremely efficient. Back in the time, the extreme seer rating was only ten plus, with years of working below the warm Singapore Sun without maintenance, the AC can get costly to run. Some systems are so old and below maintained that they run out!

Bad Installation

Lastly, it’d be that the system was not installed perfectly. For instance, the contractor might have oversized the system, causing it to the small cycle and kick on and off quickly. That’ll cause big energy bills because AC uses the most power at start-up and more effective at startups is decreased.

Other issues bad installation could be missing components, bad electrical link, non-sealed duct connections, and bad welding and brazing. Aside from the energy bills, a bad installation can cause massive frustrating breakdowns.

What to do when AC electricity bills rise?

What to do when AC electricity bills rise

Run your Air conditioner more economically

Set your air conditioner as high as comfy possible and utilizing a programmable thermostat to boost temp when you are sleep, out, could simply reduce your summer cooling cost by ten percent. Keep in mind, the smaller the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures all through the summer period, the less you will spend.

Set your air conditioners thermostat to 78 instead of 72 degrees and you’d lop as much as 18 percent off your summer cooling expense. Coming into a warm home? Turning the air conditioner to a colder than usual setting would not cool areas any faster, you will probably forget you turned it off in the first point, resulting in pointless spending.

Utilize a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan can experience you feel 6 or 7 degree cooler through the air chilliness effect: a fan does not chill an area, it just makes it more comfortable to be in. just keep in mind to turn off the fan when nobody in the room. Otherwise, you waste your energy. If also utilize your air con, an upper limit fan helps scatter cooled fresh air more competently and lets you lift its thermostat decently up to  5 degrees, with a small or no discomfort.

Maintain cooling units

It is not enough to utilize a power-efficient air conditioner and install a programmable AC thermostat. If you do not perfectly care for your machine, it would not decrease your cooling bills. Dirty filters block the flow of air and make systems work harder and longer to cool your room.

Replacing and cleaning air filters once each month will lower an AC’s power consumption by five percent to fifteen percent if you have a central cooling unit, be certain that floor registers are not blocked with dirt or furniture, a system’s condenser coils and evaporator should also be clear of dust and dirt. And clip foliage so that it forever remains at least two feet from the AC condenser.

Close curtains and blinds

Whatever your way, you will see massive savings if your work to prevent solar warm gain by keeping them down full day. When completely closed as well as lowered on a shiny window, extremely reflective blinds can decrease heat gain by around 45 percent. Try to utilize light-colored, the lighter the hue, and the more you will deflect the sun’s scorching. Hand shades are near to windows panes as possible, as this allows them to also block outside heat from radiating indoor.

Avoid heat upsurge

Whenever the outside temp exceeds the temp inside your house, try to eschew activities that produce massive heat, such as cooling on the stovetop and using the clothes dryer or dishwasher. Instead microwave foods outside, and washing dishes by self and allowing them to air dry and hanging clothes on a wire.

Always try to save these activities until after dark when the temp has dropped, and if you must bathe during the warmth of the day, forever use the bath exhaust fat to find ventilate and eliminate excess moisture and humidity. Stereos, computers, and TVs are also huge generators. By simple and easy avoidance, you will save a lot of money on energy, and what it’d cost make the air conditioner work overtime.

How much electricity does an inverter air conditioner use?

Bottom line

If you are facing any of the mentioned issues, call us, our experts are ready to help you find an inverter aircon unit that’ll start saving you money in electric bills. We’ll consider your budget, cooling and heating needs, and electricity saved. Contact the cooling and heating experts at here now to learn about how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioner.

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