10 tricks to reduce aircon electricity bill by 30%

How to save electricity while using ac? Surprisingly, there’re many ways to minimize your energy bill without ever compromising your cooling temperature. Let’s focus on the factors affecting the efficiency of your air conditioner first.

  1. Duration of use
  2. Types of air conditioner ( energy saving aircon, also known as inverter aircon )
  3. The installation methods.
  4. Type of thermostat installed in your home

If you wish to get a general idea of how much electricity you are utilizing, there are several online tools that can assist you to calculate your air conditioner energy cost. If your aim is to decrease your air conditioner electricity consumption only, below are the top ten tips to reduce your air conditioning bill!

1. Use a timers and thermostats

Use a timers and thermostats to reduce ac bill

Every degree is essential as you need to know how to save aircon power consumption and reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioner. Set your thermostat at a temperature that comforts to you and won’t make your unit work too hard. You should set it between 22 and 24 degrees and avoid placing it too cold in summer, especially try not to set the thermostat less than 8 degrees below the outside temperature.

It is possible to save as much as 2% of cooling costs for every 10F raise on the thermostat.

European Commission survey

A thermostat with a built-in timer helps to save aircon electricity. Through that, you are setting the hours of operation for the highest energy efficiency as well as set temperature. So let’s set and forget and energy is saving. Daikin one+ is a good thermostat.

2. Seal and insulate your windows and doors

Seal and insulate your windows and doors to save power while using ac

Adding seal and insulation to your house is the best way to decrease the heat that can pass via your walls. It can help your area cool during summertime and warm during the winter season. Insulating and sealing the attic can also assist prevent the sun from warming your space into over like temp.

The insulating and sealing attic will assist the store heat from spreading all through your home. Doing so can assist you to save more than 40 percent of your AC cooling bill. You can use blown-in cellulose insulation in Singapore for your attic. It is one of the most practical and cost-efficient choices to save electricity on your cooling as well as heating expense.

Sealing your windows and doors is also the best method to help keep your home cool during the summertime. It is vital to seal the gaps around your doors and windows to keep away from the air from escaping which is one of the reasons for electricity loss. You can use weather stripping or caulk to assist lower your electricity use by about ten percent.

3. Let your fan help your aircon

Your fan is the best friend of your air conditioner. The fan use less energy than your air conditioner system, so holding them around as backup is a great idea.

A ceiling fan can minimize your energy expenses by completely complement the performance of the cooling system. While the air con is excellent at cooling the air around it, the fan distributes the cold air to other parts of the room, thereby enhancing the cooling system’s energy performance.  Furthermore, you can rely on the fan to turn away from the warm air on cooler days or evenings. The reasoning here is that fan utilizes less energy than the air con.

4. Maintain your cooling structure

Maintain your cooling structure

Sometimes it is not enough to install an AC thermostat and utilize an energy-efficient Air Con system. If you do not perfectly care for your home appliance, then you would not decrease electricity costs your cooling bills. Dirty AC filters might block the airflow that makes it works difficult to cool your house during the summer period. You should clean your aircon filter regularly.

Regularly cleaning your air conditioner and changing its air filters once a month can help reduce its power consumption by about 5-15%. For your middle system, ensure that your floor is not blocked with furniture or dust. Its evaporator as well as AC condenser coils have to be clear of dust and debris to help you keep the work at their best efficiency level.

5. Turn your aircon off while you sleep

Turn off your air conditioner while you smile to reduce electric bill for ac

The air conditioner is the biggest power guzzler among household appliances.

Turn off the air conditioner during evening and night while there is a naturally cooler breeze air outside the cold room down. Please turn it on at day; For comfortable sleeping, your body doesn’t need the air conditioner at the same temperature as it does during the day. You can enjoy some nightly energy savings, sweet dreams.

If you insist to turn on your air conditioner when sleeping, you should use best air conditioner temperature for sleeping.

6. The building shade is important

The shade is important more than you think

Keep your home cooler by grab shade; however, you can get it. For this, your air conditioning unit won’t have to work very hard as it is already cold, and your energy bill will be reducing. Use shade to turn down the heat of the sun during hot Aussie summer.

You have drawn your awnings, blinds, and close curtains and drapes. Keep the sunshine outside of your beautiful Venetian blinds, plantation shutters, roller blinds, and lined curtains. If windows are sun-facing, there are light-colored backings for curtains and blinds that will deflect sun heat.

Let your AC unit get rid of running all the time to maintain the optimal temperature by closing your blinds, windows, shutters, or drapes to keep hot air and the sun’s rays out. Your tinted windows or strong defense line can drastically reduce heat absorption and stop some of the sun’s heat from coming into your AC unit. Should i install aircon in living room?

7. Rearrange your room’s furniture for better air flow

Rearrange your room’s furniture to save aircon electricity

Furniture that prevents air conditioning vents means you could be cooling the back of a chair or the bottom side of your sofa. Although it might enjoy the thought, we’re pretty sure you’d rather have that cold for yourself alternatively. You can purchase plastic items for your vents to help force air in the right direction, but the easiest way is to rearrange your furniture, even if only temporarily.

Air conditioning can support you in maintaining a comfortable environment by reducing excess heat and humidity. As well as prevent your electrical devices from overheating.

8. Always keep an expert maintenance schedule

Always keep an expert maintenance schedule

Your air conditioner will forever need regular maintenance and it would be wise to have skilled experts to perform the job once a year. The Air conditioner maintenance expert will make sure that the entire is vital parts are clean, every drain is clear and its refrigerant rates are just correct, among other things.

Entire these checks make your air conditioner works friendlier, leading to lower electricity use and decreased electricity bills.

9. Turn off heat-emitting accessories to save aircon electricity

Turn off heat-emitting accessories to save aircon electricity

It’s time to concentrate your computer, printer, television, lamp, dryer, laundry machine, and dishwasher and a kitchen oven to not increase the heat your room so it can’t force your air conditioner to harder to cool it. Turn this all off while not using to save Air Con unit power consumption.

You can cut down the amount of heat using this kind of machines such as oven, dryer, dishwasher, and laundry machine in the evening when it is a bit cooler outside. Other devices like computers, TV, and lighting bulbs, among others, can add more heat in your home, so closing them off during the day will decrease your cooling bill.

10. Seal the air leaks

Seal every air leaks to save electricity while using ac

Despite tighter houses and increased electricity cord needs a new construction; several houses are leaking valuable heating and air conditioning in several ways.

According to a report average home in Singapore loses 20 to 35% of cooled air or heated via leaks found all through an air duct system. Even recently-built homes are, more often than not, plugged by air leaking ducts. These air leaks divert cooled air and heated from their intended spot, decreasing efficiency and hence increasing your monthly electricity bill. Proper air sealing not only very much environmentally safe and could also decrease electricity costs up to 15-35 percent.

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