Does ac need to be level

There is a large group of people who assume that the air conditioner should be positioned in a way that it tilts a little bit. According to their assumptions, doing so will help the AC unit to drain condensate in a much faster and more efficient manner while it will increase the unit’s performance and utility efficiency as well.

Although all these claims seem authentic, there is no such thing and you will never get any good results by tilting your AC. If you are here, you surely are a person who has the same question of, does the air conditioner need to be level? Why are air conditioners placed at the top of a room?

Well, you will surely get all your answers along with some additional information that will be helpful not only in getting the best out of your air conditioner unit but in increasing its lifespan as well.

Does the AC unit need to be level

There is no second opinion that an AC unit should only be installed while it is level properly no matter whether it is insulated by local HVAC professional or original construction. Just keep this fact in mind that an air conditioner unit is passed through a series of tests and procedures before getting released into the customer market.

The unit is designed and manufactured in such a way that the condensate is constantly collected just below the unit’s major fan and keeps on running smoothly into slinger rings. If you want the air conditioner to work flawlessly and for a long long time, it is highly recommended that your AC unit should be leveled properly.

If there is an edge, tilt, or un-level position of the AC unit going just above a few degrees, the system may not only start malfunctioning but may result in damages or a total breakdown in the long run. You should check the ground before placing the AC unit because sometimes the ground gets pressed under the unit thus resulting in un-leveling the AC.

Does a window AC unit need to be level

A window AC unit needs to be level at all costs because having this air conditioner in a tilted position can bring severe damages to the unit in an immediate manner. If the window air conditioner is not level, the water can get inside the condenser or may even come out of the drainage system while overflowing the room. This thing can break down AC units while increasing the risk of other electric accidents as well. 

Does RV AC need to be level

RV air conditioners must be level so that the refrigerator can operate effectively. The new models of RV air conditioners are designed to work flawlessly even if they are “almost level” but the old ones should be at “perfect level” with zero error. Negative to any of these conditions can affect the performance and damage the system in the long run.

Should the outdoor AC units be level

It is highly recommended to level the outdoor unit “most perfectly” because it will have a great impact on its performance, efficiency, longevity, and required maintenance. This is the reason that having a solid platform and foundation is recommended by the manufacturer and seller at the time of purchasing an AC unit.

Does a condenser need to be level

The basic reason behind every manufacturer’s recommendation of leveling AC is just because of the condenser. Water getting inside the condenser can cause some severe damages while total breakdown is one of them.

How level does a condenser need to be

For residential air conditioner units, it is better that the air conditioner is perfectly balanced but experts claim that almost or close to perfectly level works flawlessly without causing any major damages to the operations of the condenser.

What happens if your AC unit is not level

The oil and refrigerant have to be moving inside the tubings and different parts of the AC unit. If the air conditioner is not level perfectly, the lubricant can get trapped or stop entirely between different parts which can effectively result in a break and there will be no lubrication for the unit.

Also, there is a liquid that needs to reach the heat pump in a proper and adequate amount (not too less, not too much). If the unit is tilted on the side of the compressor, the liquid will rapidly flow towards the compressor and may cause issues where AC malfunction is most common while the complete breakdown of the unit is a rare but severe one.

Can I put my air conditioner on the floor

Putting an air conditioner directly on the floor was never a good option as it badly affects the performance and efficiency of the unit. When it comes to the outdoor unit of an air conditioner, it is always better to have a foundation even if it is 6 inches high from the ground.

Some people ask the same question for indoor units as well but the fact is that no indoor air conditioner whether it is split or window AC can be placed on the floor. There is a new form of AC mainly known as floor console which is installed in the floor and provides heat and cooling throughout the year.

Putting AC on the floor mitigates its performance and efficiency at one place while requiring more care and maintenance frequently on the other. It is because when AC is on the floor, it has to work harder to meet the residents’ cooling or heat requirements.

How to level a unit

  1. Start by making a platform or foundation of the air conditioner unit. You can do this by finding a perfectly leveled ground and if it is not level, dig the area and shovel the gravel to level it properly.
  2. Press the ground with a heavy tool so that the ground doesn’t go down after the unit has been installed.
  3. Place the wooden block on all 4 corners or rubber foundations with leveling screws.
  4. Place the unit onto the foundation or platform and check the leveling with the leveling tool.
  5. Ask the helper to shovel the gravel if there is a need or simply adjust the leveling screws until the leveling tool is showing a perfectly centered position.
  6. Once the unit has been leveled, it is better to put as much gravel as possible near the corner or below the foundation so that it doesn’t slip or tilt a bit because of external conditions such as rain.

How much does it cost to level an AC unit

The answer to this question solely depends on various factors because the HVAC installer or worker will determine the cost according to the conditions.

If there is the foundation and only the unit needs to get level, it may not cost you a lot but if the AC unit is required to be level from the initiation, the cost can be much higher.

The normal installation cost of a central AC unit is somewhere between $1,000 to $2,000 and Ductless Mini-Split AC costs about $500 to $2,000.

So, leveling cost will be far less than this but will always be variable depending on different factors.

Air conditioner leveling feet

Leveling feet are probably the best thing to install under the air conditioner but should be installed on a solid foundation or platform.

Leveling feet will allow you to level the AC unit in case it gets tilted, simply by adjusting the leveling feet by yourself. This will save you money while protecting your AC from major damages as well.

What should I put under my air conditioner

Having a concrete slab is probably the most recommended platform by the manufacturer and various experts as well. Apart from this, you can put an iron or steel stand, a wooden platform, directly on the AC leveling feet as well. Although placing on leveling feet is a good option on the floor, it’s not that suitable on soft ground.

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