Does air conditioning make a cold worse for babies

Well, babies are susceptible. Whether the baby is sick or not, they always need extra care. If you’re a new parent, it’s usual to get confused over many things. Taking care of a baby is not a really easy task. They need 24/7 observation and care.

Psychologists say if you sleep with your baby, they feel comfortable. But you need to remember if you’re sleeping with a baby, the room temperature can be a big issue for its health.

The main task of the air conditioner is to remove the humidity and make the room atmosphere cold. If your baby has caught a cold and now you’re worried if you should keep her in an ac room or not.

Here in this article, you’ll know the answers. Keep reading and take good care of the baby.

Is using aircon safe for babies?

Most people recommend not to keep the babies in an aircon room. By statistics, if you own a baby in an aircon room, thinking about the comfort, you’re carrying huge risks that your baby will often fall sick. This is not just the statistics. The doctors also don’t suggest being in an ac room 24/7 with a baby.

Babies don’t have the capability of controlling body temperature. Besides, they can’t move and take care of them when they feel cold. When you turn an aircon on, the room temperature suddenly changes. And this sudden change is unable to adapt to a baby’s body. A newborn or baby’s body is too sensitive. They don’t carry enough immunity or capability to protect from germs and adaptation capability.

Ac temperature for a baby

Still, if you want to know the right temperature to put your ac while a baby is in the room., then it’ll definitely depend on the country’s climate and the weather. If the weather is already cold, you obviously won’t be wanting the room to get too chilled. As an adult, you wouldn’t be able to adapt with that cold, let alone a baby.

Experts suggest that the temperature should be 18-21 degree celsius. Many doctors recommend using an ac room for babies., But in this case, you obviously need to take care of the weather and changes in the place.

Does air conditioning make a cold worse for babies?

Is using aircon safe for babies

Well, does air conditioning make a cold worse for babies? The most asked question of parents. The answer actually can’t be described in yes or no.

Basically, for being healthy, a baby needs comfort and a warm atmosphere. They prefer quiet and calm places to sleep. As a baby, they don’t have a healthy immunity level as an adult. It actually doesn’t matter if you use an air conditioner or not. The temperature of the room decides if the cold of the baby will get worse or not. Though the cold also depends on other factors. Weather is the first thing to consider. Besides, some issues can make the cold worse.

Why do ac make the cold worse for babies?

Not knowing how to maintain the temperature of aircon according to your weather can obviously make you sick. Moreover, if the question is about a baby, then the risk is higher. Besides this reason, the aircon can grow mold, fungi, bacteria if not appropriately maintained. These bacteria are enough to make a person sick. A Baby’s immature body system is also responsible for catching a cold so fast.

Does aircon cold can cause pneumonia?

When the cold gets extreme, this can cause pneumonia. You’ll go through shakings, chillness, flushed skin, worsening cough, difficulty in breathing, etc. If the cold is not recovered earlier and taken care of properly, this can turn the flu into pneumonia.

If your baby is sleeping in an ac room, you must ensure the comfort and perfect room temperature. As aircon changes the room temperature suddenly, it’s easy to catch a cold for a baby. And if you don’t take care of the cold at the right time, and keep using a room for comfort, this can obviously make the cold worse. Later there is a huge possibility of getting pneumonia out if it.

Tips for using an air conditioner for a baby

Tips for using an air conditioner for a baby

Well, you might be used to the cold of aircon. But for a baby, it’s challenging to adapt to the sudden coolness of the air conditioner. So if your baby is sleeping in an aircon room, here are some tips you need to take care of.

  • The first thing you need to monitor is the room temperature. If you’re sleeping at night, the ac may freeze the room in a short time. So keep the temperature high according to the weather.
  • You must use a light blanket to cover the baby. If it gets cold, the baby will be protected then.
  • Dress the baby comfortably while sleeping. If the baby feels cold or hot because of uncomfortable dressing, maintaining ac temperature will not be enough.
  • Constant checking on your baby while sleeping is essential. You can check it’s head, hands, chest, or feet to be sure if he’s feeling comfortable or not.
  • Make sure you clean and check the ac regularly. Else the dust in the ac can make you and your baby sick easily.

These are the essential tips if you’re using ac in the baby’s room. IT’s better if you can also have a fan or air cooler in the place. You can’t use ac every day in every weather. Being in ac for 24/7 can be harmful to health as well as skin. This makes you dry and cold. If a baby stays in ac 24/7, then it’ll be challenging to adapt to the typical weather for him/her.

Ac has advantages and disadvantages. You need to ensure the right way of maintaining the temperature. I hope this guide will help you understand what you should do and not to do while using an ac room for a baby.

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