Does the air conditioner get rid of the weed smell?

Apart from keeping indoor spaces cool and comfortable for occupants, air conditioners can also be used to get rid of unpleasant odors from the room. However, some odors are so strong that they wouldn’t go away no matter how long you leave the window open. One such odor is the smell of weed.

The smell of weed is so strong that it can last weeks before it finally fades away. Since by putting your ac in ventilation mode and opening down the window, you can easily eliminate bad odors from your room, you might be wondering, “does the air conditioner get rid of weed smell?” Well, it’s high time you quit wondering and start reading this article for answers.

Is smoking weed near the AC unit a good idea?

No, it is not a good idea to smoke near your AC unit. When you smoke close to your unit or vaping in air conditioned room, as you puff out smokes, they can find their way to your room through the vent of the air conditioner. Hence, you should smoke a few feet away from your unit to avoid polluting your room with the strong smell of weed.

How long does weed smell last in the AC room?

In a room with AC, weed smell can last for about 3 to 5 hours, however, this depends on certain factors like the direction of outside air, the content of your room (clothes absorb smokes), and how strong the airflow of your unit is.

Why does my unit smell like weed when I don’t smoke?

If the air coming out of your unit smells like weed, it is most likely because you have just smoked close to your air conditioner or your neighbor just had a few wraps of the joint in his house and you are paying the price for living close to a stoner. If that’s not the case, you should check for gas leaks because gas produces a funny smell sometimes. If there’s no gas leak, then perhaps someone is growing farm pot close to your house.

Can AC remove weed smell?

Does air conditioning clean air of smoke? Yes, AC can remove the weed smell from a room. Even though your AC can help remove the smell of weed, you should know that it can only drastically reduce the concentration of the smell. The smell will still linger for a while before it finally fades away. Therefore, it is best not to smoke inside the room or close to your air conditioner if you know the smell can affect you in some ways.

Does cannabis smell damage the AC?

No, cannabis smell cannot damage your AC. But can cannabis smoke damage your air conditioner? The straight answer is yes. Air conditioners have filters that filter the air coming to your room from the outside. The smoke from cigarettes or cannabis is so substantial that it can clog the filter. Once the filter is clogged, your air conditioner will start to work harder and will eventually break down if necessary steps are not taken.

Pros and cons of removing weed smell using AC


  1. It is one of the cheapest methods of getting rid of weed smell because you wouldn’t be spending extra cash on deodorant.
  2. Reduction in energy consumption. Before you can remove the unwanted smells with your AC unit, you will have to put your unit in fan/ventilation mode, which consumes less energy compared to the cool/default mode on your AC.


  1. It will reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner. To remove the smell from your room requires that you open down your window, which means the amount of air in circulation in that particular space will be reduced because they will be directed towards the outside.
  2. It is not the best way to get rid of the weed smell. Instead of using your air conditioner as a mechanical deodorizer, it is better to make use of air fresheners as they tend to be more effective and faster.

How to stop weed smell from going through the vent

If all of a sudden, you seem to be overwhelmed with the smell of weed in your room and you haven’t gone ballistic in a while, the smell must have found its way to your room through your AC vents.

You can stop weed smell or smoke from coming to your room through the vent by covering your vent and large gaps with painter’s tape or insulation paddling.

Does weed smell stick to the wall?

Yes, weed smell leaves a film on the wall after smoking, however, the filmy stain is usually insignificant and not as conspicuous as cigarette smell.

Does weed smell stick to furniture?

Yes, weed smell sticks to furniture. Weed plants contain terpenes, this terpenes is responsible for the powerful odor weed gives out. This odor can stick to surfaces including furniture.

Does weed smell stick to fabric?

Yes, weed smell can stick to the fabric. As you smoke weed, terpenes ( which causes the infamous odor of weed) are released into the air. Once this substance (terpenes) lands on any surface, it sticks to it until steps are taken to get rid of them.

How long does weed smell stick to fabric?

Unfortunately, there’s no exact duration for how long weed smell can stick to your fabric because it depends on factors like the type of weed you are smoking the weed. For instance, if you smoke in a place with lots of air (outside), your fabric will not be soaked with the smell and should fade away in a few hours.

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