4 ways to get rid of ants in air conditioner

The tiny sizes of ants make them seem harmless to us even though they are insects. Yet, they are still insects that, when left unchecked, can harm our household appliances. So, ants in the air conditioners are very possible to happen.

Their ability to colonize lets them build nests that can cause many household appliances, including your air conditioner, to break down even before they get old. So, you may wonder, how do you possibly get rid of ants in an air conditioner?

Before we answer your question, let us uncover other relevant questions about ants in the air conditioners so you’ll know the backgrounds of the main question.

Can ants get in the air conditioner?

Even if the air conditioner has plenty of small spaces, you should remember that ants are among the tiniest-sized insects. So, ants can get into the air conditioner. AC filters and the HVAC systems of your air conditioner are among ants’ most favorite places to get into.

In some cases, ants can also get attached to the electrical circuits that are connected with the air conditioner system. By doing so, they don’t only get into the air conditioner but can electrocute you and themselves as well.

Why do ants seem to like to get into the air conditioner?

Like all insects and other living beings, ants need shelters for themselves and the nests they build. Ants, in general, love to dwell inside environments that are dark, warm, and have unpleasant smells. Often, those places are old places that don’t get enough maintenance.

These include the air conditioner that has been aged and no maintenance actions taken for them. The air conditioner also consists of parts that have some types of “dark holes” for ants to get in, build their nests, and survive.

Apart from making the air conditioner the shelters for themselves and their nests, ants also eat from the inside parts of the air conditioner. Some things inside the air conditioner that ants can eat are crumbs and food wastes that remain inside the air conditioner.

How can ants break down your air conditioner?

Ants in an air conditioner can cause harm to your air conditioner in two different ways. The outdoor units with the air compressors or condensers are the air conditioners’ exterior units that can be damaged by ants in the air conditioner. On the other hand, ants can also damage the interior parts, such as the air conditioner’s evaporator parts.

The most dangerous parts of the ants are the nests. The deeper the nests are, the more likely they can cause your air conditioner to break down. Pay special attention to the wheezing noises, the features that are no longer sensitive to the sensors of your air conditioners, and more red flag signs of your broken air conditioners.

Like any other insects, ants in the air conditioner can also cause diseases to you. Pneumonia and respiratory health problems are some of the health problems you may encounter due to the ways they break down your air conditioner.

How can you get rid of ants in air conditioner?

In the previous point, you know that ants can break down your air conditioner by getting into it. So, even though they need shelters and food, which are also our needs as living beings, you should get rid of them as soon as possible because they are dangerous creatures.

Therefore, the question: How can you get rid of ants in an air conditioner? To answer the question, we provide you ways to get rid of them from your air conditioner so you can enjoy the fresh odors from your air conditioner. Here are the ways:

Focus On The Nests First

The nests are “the brains” for ants that give them almost undefeatable powers to break down your air conditioner. So, to get rid of ants in the air conditioner, you should focus on the nests first before everything else.

You can use the most well-known way to get rid of the ants, which involves using commercial bug sprays. For a more natural alternative, use boiling water and pour them immediately on the nests. The hotter the water’s temperature, the better in getting rid of the nests.

Inspect On The Dead Ants

Dead insects of the same species attract other species to come into wherever their dead friends are in. The same thing applies to ants. After all, ants are highly cooperative team players. One dies, the others will come in bigger numbers.

So, you’ll need to inspect if there are any dead ants in your air conditioner. Washing your air conditioner on regular basis helps a lot in getting rid of unwanted dirt inside the air conditioner, including dead ants that can attract other ants to come in.

Sprinkle Boric Acid All Around Your Air Conditioner

Boric acid is a non-toxic chemical substance that has been proven effective in dealing with insect problems, including crazy amounts of ants in your air conditioner. At the same time, we don’t recommend this way if your houses have small children or other harmless living beings.

After you sprinkle boric acid around your air conditioner, you should leave the rooms with the already-sprinkled air conditioner for at least 3 days. After that, your air conditioner should be ant-free.

Plant Mint-Based Plants Around Your Air Conditioner

Many insects, including ants, don’t like mints. Peppermints and spearmints are two of the most popular mint-based plants to plant around your air conditioner. Planting one or two mint leaves in wide pots is enough to get rid of ants in your air conditioner.

Make sure you place your plants near the air conditioner. To keep the plants’ roots contained, you can bury the pots one or two inches above the grounds. You can also hang the plants’ pots so they can be closer to your air conditioner.

One more thing that you shouldn’t forget in getting rid of ants in your air conditioner is to seek help from the right professionals in controlling pests.

You should also apply the tips in this article so your air conditioners will bring more positive health impacts to you.

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