Google new nest thermostat review

What is google nest thermostat? It is a device that work with HVAC systems. Currently, on the 3rd generation, the Google New Nest Thermostat remains one of the best smart heating ecosystems.

The new Nest Thermostat unit ships in 2 components, the heat link and the smart thermostat, which will connect to your boiler. Google nest thermostat, the heat link is able to control the temperature on both hot water and heating systems.  In addition, you can install a couple of New Nest Thermostats into zones controllers, if you’ve 1 installed.

How to hook up google home with nest thermostat is a straightforward process. You just have to login into your google assistance account, tap your profile at the top right, select setting and find home control.

Google Nest Thermostat Design

Do you know your mobile does not look dates until you find a glimpse of the next-gen version? That is perfectly how I felt after seeing this. No, it is not a huge departure from the old iterations. You will still get that a few rounded designs and a known display style.

But, there’re some major changes. You can pick from among 4 dial finishes, entire of the same price tag stainless steel back. Nest 3rd generation thermostat also has a 40% bigger screen and an enhanced resolution for superior all-around visibility. And Nest reduced down thermostat profile so it would not stick out from the wall as much.

While I checked the updated screen size as well as the resolution instantly, the thinner depth was a little less clear. A side by side comparison shows that the 2nd gen Nest thermostat measured 3.2” in diameter and 1.26” in depth. The Nest New thermostat is a touch lager 3.3” in diameter, but slimmer with a depth of 1.21”.

That small difference in depth truly does not make much of a difference in visuals, but it working to modernize its thermostat with every next-generation device launch.

Google Nest Thermostat Motion sensor

Nest thermostat has made to save money, by switching to away feature and decreasing the set temp when going outside. It uses 2 techniques for this, your phone’s location and 2nd one is motion detector mounted on the front side of the Nest. The combination works elegantly and should assist you to save huge money on heating expenses.

It can use the motion sensor for its Far Sight feature too. When you are up to 5 meters away, the thermostat can smoothly flash up some info on its display, as set by the application. You can have a timer, the current space temp, target temp, and weather forecast.

It is a neat function that makes the most of the displays and makes the Nest more helpful than for only heating your home.

Google Nest Thermostat Compatibility

Google Nest has made its thermostat to work with Nest protect. For instance, if a siren goes turned off, it can show an alert. Even superior, if gas is detected, the thermostat can turn off the heating to avoid making the problem worse. There is an IFTTT channel, too, that allows you to set the temp on your thermostat mechanically. And you can make several other things occur when the thermostat rises below or above a temp threshold, or switches from home to away feature.

As Nest is a Google Brand, it’s come as no surprise that the Nest Thermostat can control from Google home App, as well as Amazon ALEXA.

There is no SIRI support through Apple Home Kit, though. The Nest Thermostat is the flagship among the finest thermostat that works with Google Home App. Letting you save money and energy while offering a modern look with customizable colors that you match the décor of your house. It’s the primary thermostat to ever be Energy Star Certified.

Google Nest Thermostat Installation

The installation process of the Nest Thermostat is extremely easy. You can’t expect plug and play like with several other tech products, because you’ve to link different cables. But the entire is perfectly described and labeled. And average novice should install as well as set up this in about 20 to 30 minutes.

Nest Thermostat has a combined bubble level. This makes the wall mounting process smooth, you can find simple to follow the installation guide for your Nest Thermostat if you need it. After installing you’ve to link it with your Wi-Fi connection and download the Nest App.

We tested for our Nest Thermostat review the availability for Android and Apple. Create a free of cost account by putting your data in the Application. Then easily follow the steps on the screen to give the Nest Thermostat with some basic info about your house. That’s it – start saving money and energy.

Google Nest Thermostat Additional features

This Nest Thermostat can manage most of your home’s cooling and heating needs.

It works with several heating systems, including heat pumps, forced air furnaces, radiant heaters, and dual fuel systems and it can accommodate 3 stage heating and 2 stages cooling.

Single-stage heating is either fully on or fully off, and those with stages let the nest utilize energy more efficiently – if a lower energy level does not heat your home rapidly, an extreme power 1 kicks in to bring the temp up faster. This Nest Thermostat can also control complete home dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and fans.

The Nest Thermostat has a one-degree tempo swing that means it only activates the cooling or heating systems if your house is more than one degree cooler or warmer than your target temp. This big swing makes Google Nest Thermostat energy-friendly, though less precise, than those with narrower moves.

Theirs is also a keypad lock that keeps everyone from changing the temp without any permission, so you do not have an unwanted spike in your utility bills.

Nest thermostat vs Nest learning thermostat

For many people, this is actually a no brainer, if you do not care about having a top-end metal appliance on your home wall, and you do not care about the thermostat’s ability to display you the weather, then the Nest E Thermostat is the slam dunk option for you.

It is inexpensive and provides similar functions as the actual one. Though, you might force into selecting the Nest Thermostat learning for 1 reason: if it is not compatible with your home technology. The advanced features or a bit more complex your home heating or cooling system is more likely it’s that Nest Thermostat would not work for you while the Nest Thermostat Learning will.

It can sense that you are home from across the area and alter the temperature to match your needs. Overall, Nest Learning 3rd Gen thermostat is the best option, particularly for those that prefer entire of the whistles and bells.


  • Easy to install
  • Sleek design
  • Compatible with 95 percent of HVAC systems
  • Interacts with other Nest and 3rd party devices
  • Packed with features
  • Support for Google Home App, IFTTT and ALEXA


  • No support for Siri
  • Expensive

How to add your Nest thermostat to the Nest app?

Google provide an in-depth tutorial on how to add nest thermostat to nest app . Good job google!

Final Verdict

The Google Nest Thermostat Third Gen is a fine choice if you are looking for a reliable advance thermostat that’s compatible with other devices in your house. This Nest Thermostat will monitor your normal patterns at the house and help you save huge money. Google Nest definitely worth it.

If you want to troubleshoot your air conditioner thermostat problems, please refer to our previous guide for more info.

How to install Google nest thermostat?

To install the nest thermostat everything you need including the screwdriver, screw, and others is inside the box. First, disconnect the switch of your HVAC system from the breaker box. To remove the old thermostat, ensure to take the picture of the wires before you disconnect them because you may need them for reference later. Then label the wire wires before disconnecting them because every HVAC system is different. Unscrew or press the button holding the wire to release them and carefully remove the backplate so the wire label doesn’t fall off. Then carefully put the wire through the thermostat base and screw it to the wall. After this, connect the labeled wire to the matching hole, then connect the base, connect the switch from the breaker box, and follow the guide displayed to set it up.

How to control nest thermostat with Google home?

After you have installed and active the nest device, first you need to install the home Google app to connect it to Google home to the device. Then after installing the app and sign up if you don’t have a nest app account. After this, log in and go to the settings to your thermostat, here you will be asked to provide a key code of your thermostat. After providing the key code, the thermostat will appear on the home screen and you can adjust temperature, settings, and others.

How to connect Google home mini to nest thermostat?

Ensure that your nest device is powered on, and then open the Google home app, to see all the devices already connected to your Google assistant. After this, select set up the device and on “works with Google after and use the search bar provided to look for your nest icon. Then you will be asked to provide your login details. After you log in, a code will be sent by the nest to confirm the setup.

How to replace the old thermostat with google nest?

To replace your old thermostat, the set up is very straight forward. All you need to do is to remove your old thermostat, then attach the backplate of the Google nest to the wall, connect the wires, attach the thermostat base to the backplate to finalize the installation.

How to turn on Google nest thermostat with Alexa?

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone, then select the three lines that appear in the top left corner. Select “Skills and Games” when the menu pops up. After this, select the magnifying icon that appears on the screen at the top to search for “NestThermostat” in the search bar. Then select “Enable to use”, enter your login details, allow the connection, and select “discover device to finalize the whole process

How to charge Google nest thermostat?

Remove the thermostat display from its base, then plug it into a wall charger or a USB port of your computer just like the way you normally charge your phone. Once the charger is connected to the thermostat, you will see a red light blinking to confirm that the nest is charging.

How long does nest thermostat battery last?

Nest thermostat battery can last long and comes with 2 years of warranty. However, several factors such as systems setup, operation environment, usage, and others may affect its durability just like other manufactured electronic devices.

How do I reset my Google nest thermostat?

Press the thermostat ring to display the Quick view menu, select the settings. Then turn the ring to display the reset and tap reset to finalize the whole process.

Do I need to charge my nest thermostat before installing?

The Nest thermostat has an internal battery that uses your HVAC system wire to keep its battery charged. Because of this, you don’t have to charge before installation.

Is Google nest thermostat portable?

Google Nest thermostat is portable and doesn’t require much space for installation.

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