Honeywell portable aircon review

If you are looking for a simple to use portable aircon, the Honeywell portable aircon is both simple to control and simple to maintain. It has powerful BTUs and an LED screen with a remote control so you’re forever in control for your indoor temp.

You also do not have to do too much maintenance because of the auto evaporation system. If you need to cool down a bigger space like a living area, the Honeywell portable aircon is a fine unit to look at.

14,000 BTU

With 14k BTU, you’ve 3 options, dehumidification fan, and cooling. You also have 3 speeds for any of these different modes. The dehumidification mode particularly efficient, it can enhance up to eight prints of moisture each day.

LED controls

Selecting your speed and mode is easy using the ELD controls in Honeywell portable aircon. You also have full access to a 24hrs timer so you can plan perfectly when you need the AC to turn off/on. If entire with the included remote control!

Auto-evaporation unit

Maintaining the Honeywell portable aircon is extremely simple. You do not have to physically drain the system or agonize about any leakage. This system is made so accumulated dampness just evaporates exactly on their AC so you do not have to do all with a hose or bucket.

Why choose honeywell portable air conditioner

Why choose honeywell portable air conditioner

Installing a complete air conditioning solution takes too much burden on your wallet and time. Honeywell Portable AC provides a very much low-cost solution for putting airflow right where you need it and filling smaller space with much needed cool, AC.

Pros of honeywell portable aircon

  • Simply to use – there are not several buttons to figure out with the Honeywell portable aircon. There is a basic off/on the switch, the timer, speed setting, and mode setting and up/down air feature and remote control, so once you understand how to work one of them, you have got it fully figure out.
  • Use in any window or room – caster wheels make it easy to move the unit. You can move it form and bedroom or living area or back without any issue.
  • A fine option for large areas – more BTUs that means the AC will cool a big room much better than any system with fewer BTCs with 14k BTUs, the Honeywell portable aircon is pretty powerful. It can efficiently cool a bigger space much quicker than a smaller AC.

Cons of honeywell portable aircon

  • Does not get cool – in really hot areas the peak time of summer, cooling can take a very long time, and you may find it does not cool enough. If you are expecting really cold air from this unit, you will be disappointed. Though, unless you live in a location that goes over 80-90 degrees, you will probably find that Honeywell portable unit down the room sufficiently.

Final verdict

Honeywell portable aircon is a powerful machine

The Honeywell portable aircon is a powerful machine, simple to use system with an, especially efficient dehumidifier. You can utilize it anyplace because of its amazing portability design and feature, and you have no maintenance problems to deal with because this portable air conditioner is an Auto-evaporation unit.

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