How long does it take to cool a house the first time the air conditioner is started?

Technology has made our life easier. There’ve come several inventions and modern innovations to relieve us from daily hard work. A country like Singapore is situating where the average temp falls among 25-31 degrees, everyone needs AC units.

Several types of AC can be utilized to cool down our room or home. Some put their money in central AC; others go for AC that can be fitted in the window of the respective area.

However, how long does it take an air conditioner to cool a room depends on several factors:

  • How big is your home?
  • How hot is your house when you switch on the air conditioner?
  • Is your top story insulated?

Without an expert inspection of your home or AC, it is hard to answer that question how long should it take for the air conditioner to cool the house with perfect accuracy. Anyway, on average, a well-known brand’s aircon should be able to cool a room within 15 minutes.

But those of you skimming for the generic and fast answer, if your air conditioner runs continually without reaching your desiring temperature, something is wrong with all.

If your room or home never reaches the wanted temp, we suggest first checking the outside temp.

Is it very hot? If so, this might be your problem.

Not much hotter, well will go over four other problems that might be reasoning your air conditioner struggle.

First, let’s take a look at why your air conditioner struggles on hot times than usual days.

Extreme outdoor temp slowing the cooling progress of your air conditioner down

If you live in Singapore, chances are your air conditioner is just a bit out of its standard.


Well an AC is made to be most effective when managing within the local area’s design temperature, and the outside temperature that location stays over and below for 99 percent of the year.

For instance, for 99 percent of the year, Singapore’s temperature stays above 25 degrees. When the outside temperature exceeds those figures, your air conditioner will surely struggle to reach the set temperature just because it was not made to eliminate that much heat.

Your thermostat will stay about 2 to 4 degrees over the set temp.

The great news is that there is most likely nothing incorrect with your AC unit. It is surely working harder and harder than normal days. But as long as you are within a reasonable few degrees from your fix temp, there is no reason to change or repair the system. Try closing every drape or curtain to keep out warmth outside; this makes a huge difference in your AC performance.

Other factors that may slow down the cooling process of your aircon

If your air conditioner struggling to cool your home even in mild temps that fall within your local design temperature, your air conditioner unit might have problems and need troubleshooting. Other reasons your air conditioner is not cool down your home or room include:

The refrigerant level is low

Your AC cooling unit relies on a liquid called refrigerant to perfectly absorb the warmth in your house and keep your area cool. If its level is below, this might explain why your air conditioner is not working perfectly for cooling home. Sometimes your system might just have a leak. If your refrigerant leak is your issue, have an expert find and maintain the leakage and then recharge your unit with more refrigerant liquid.

Air filters need to be changed

Refrigerant is not the cause? Then it might be time to check your AC air filter! These can become caked with dust, dirt, and several other pollutants over time, affecting the volume and quality of the air that passes via your cooling unit. This can also reason changes in the pressure of air, leading to additional complications. So replace your air filter every month to prevent this issue.

The air conditioner size is too small

The air filter is not the problem? Then it might be time to think about the size of your AC. If you’ve a big or spatial house, a small air conditioner might be the ideal setting for your home. Smaller AC work overtime and struggle to keep bigger areas cool. You will need to change your air conditioner for one that’s the perfect size. Call us our friendly staff now and ask about free of cost estimates for the new AC installation! We’ll send one of our professionals to your house to provide you an honest assessment and proper recommendation.

Ductwork leakage

If your AC ductwork has leaks, you might lose up to 20 to 30 percent of your cold air. Cold air can escape in places that are unconditioned such as your upper story and basement. This means your air conditioner will take a very long time as it tries to cool your hose and compensate for the loss of cold air. Even on times with mild weather, leakage in your AC ductwork can highly affect the performance of your cooling system and raise power expenses. So, have an expert inspect your AC ducts and repair any sort of leaks.

How to keep your house cool with an air conditioner?

So what is a simple solution to keep your energy costs low, yet keep your house cool? To decrease the runtime for your AC, try strategically cooling the areas you are presently using by closing windows and doors. Fixing your thermostat even just a few degrees to hotter temp will also help your AC reach the set temp on time and save you bucks on energy bills.

Need help figuring out on how long it takes an air conditioner to cool a room? We are here to help you! Are you in Singapore? Contact us now and we will get your way to cooler summer!

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