How to check gas leakage in split ac

When the months grow warmer, you need your split air conditioner to function properly to keep your home cozy and comfortable. However, a gas leakage in your unit can leave you sweaty and hot with high energy bills.

There are several steps you can try to check for gas leakage in your split aircon.

checking split ac gas leak

1. Dye Test 

A dye test is one of the easiest ways to check if your system has a gas leak. With this process, you just need to send fluorescent dye in your unit. Once it has circulated, the dye will then pour through any existing leaks.

You will then use a detection lamp to scan your system and identify the areas where the dye leaked out. The process will only take a few minutes but you might need some specialized equipment for this. This is why this test is often best left to the hands of professionals.

2. Electronic Device Detection

With the use of an electronic device, you just scan across the components of your air conditioner. Once the electronic device detects a leak, an alarm will go on so you can identify the specific location.

The only problem with ac gas leak detector is that it only identifies leaks in certain areas where the detector touches the parts of the unit. Also, these devices are quite expensive and you need some training to learn how to use them properly. 

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3. Nitrogen Leak Detector Test

Another popular way to check for gas leak in your split AC is with the use of a nitrogen leak detector test. This might cost more than the rest of the methods in this list but this offers more accurate and reliable results.

The remaining Freon in the unit will be removed first. Nitrogen will be pumped back to the unit. With nitrogen held at higher pressure compared to the refrigerant, this will produce audible noises in the areas with leaks. You just need to listen for these sounds and mark off the areas.

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4. Soap Bubble Test

If hiring a professional is out of the question, you can also detect leaks using the soap bubble test. All you need here is warm water and soap. Mix the solution for a few minutes. Once you have stirred it enough, send the solution through your unit.

You will see air bubbles if your system has leaks. Mark off the areas so it will be easier for the technician to identify where patches are needed. Just make sure you no corrosive elements are added to the air bubble mix as these can wear down the components of your unit that might lead to costly repairs.

5. Oil Detection

If your split AC has a gas leak, oil will leak out as well sometimes. It is quite easy to detect the substance because of its dark and thick consistency. There is also a distinct and potent odor that you can smell even at a distance. If you suspect that your unit has a leak, use protective gloves to feel around its parts.

Check your gloves for any visible traces of oil. You need to get the unit repaired right away if there is a lot of oil produced. You can also use a light colored cloth if you don’t have protective gloves. Use these tips on how to check gas leak in split AC so you can get it repaired before it is too late.

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