How often should air conditioning units be serviced?

In counties with humid and hot weather like Singapore, air conditioner plays a vital part in making our daily life more enjoyable and comfortable. Without aircon units, the inside of your home will be humid and hot, and making you all sticky and sweaty. In fact, AC does much more than just keeping your home or office cold. They purify the quality of air by filtering out bugs, particles, smells, and even dangerous chemicals.

Thanks to advanced technology, aircon has faster rates and saves up huge energy. Today’s air conditioner comes with anti-dirt filters, and they can be fixed so you can have a fine and smooth night’s sleep.

Your aircon must be regularly serviced so they can work perfectly.

Importance of air conditioning service

Importance of air conditioning service

If you want to extend your AC life, it’s vital to check it constantly. Several advantages come along with it, including:

  • Prevent many issues
  • It facilitates the perfect feature of the system, this is vital, especially during the hot season
  • Prevent any major issue
  • With time your AIRCON extra energy to feature perfectly. By schedule AIRCON maintenance, you’ll preserve the efficiency and this’ll help you keep your energy cost low.

Now that you understand the reasons why it’s vita to service an air conditioner, let’s talk about how often should ac be serviced?

Most aircon professionals recommend that you’d at least do a yearly servicing. During aircon servicing, the AC expert will look deeply at the system for any problems, clean out the ducts and filters, and ensure that the system is working perfectly to keep your energy bill lower. It’s in your finest interest to plan your annual servicing at a similar time every year so you can check this job off your long to chart.

Plan your yearly aircon service, a month or 2 before the hottest season hits your area. By planning your service during this period assuring the AC is working superbly when you need it.

What AC servicing should include

What AC servicing should include?

  1. Checking the motor
  2. Checking blower
  3. Checking coils
  4. Checking temperatures
  5. Checking the drain line
  6. Check the compressor
  7. Checking the working pressures
  8. Check coil fins
  9. Checking supply connections and lines

Ensure your AC Company checks entire the above during the yearly service. Besides doing a yearly AC service, there’re things you can do to assist your system feature optimally. It is great to clean the AC filters every 2 weeks. Doing this avoids a drop in power efficiency. Ask your AC expert which air filter to utilize as there’re different sorts of air filters and the amount of gain clogs all depends on how much you utilize it.

Is it necessary to service aircon every year?

Is it necessary to service ac every year

Air conditioner services should be done at least one time a year by a professional. This’ll help your air conditioner perform in perfect conditions when you need it most. Remember that when you have the unit well maintained, you’ll save a lot of money and avoid spending much more for an AC repair. Finally, by having your AC checked one time a year, you’re also decreasing your money power bills.

What happens if the air conditioner system is not serviced? Your air conditioner may have a risk of breakdowns soon.

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