How to make a portable air conditioner work better

Portable Air Conditioners is consist of a self -contained system which is perfect for cooling a single room. They are mostly standing on the floor and have the best system of cooling the room. They usually purchased the installation kit which helps to set it up easily.

Most of these portable Air conditioners are having wheels that can move from one place to another easily. They also have an alternative window system. They are mostly used for bedroom and computer rooms. Setting up is painless. You can fix it easily anywhere.

It is the best alternative for window AC. They pumped warm air out of your room and fill your room with cool air. They are having a window kit that usually exhausts the warm air outside the room. They are based on advanced technologies that automatically evaporates the moisture along with the warm air. You can also attach a drain hose that automatically drains the water at your desired place.

Slandered Portable Ac are having a bucket with them which you clean after every 8 hours. You just need to through the water present in the bucket and then replace it before it starts cooling. Portable AC powers are measured in BTUs and classify according to the size of the room.  For small bedrooms, 7,000 to 10,000 BTUs Portable AC are enough.

For medium-sized rooms, 11000 to 14000 BTUs are enough and for large-size rooms like in commercial works large portable Air Conditioners are used. The main purpose of a Portable Air conditioner is to take the hot air outside the room fill your room with cool air and don’t allow hot air to enter again. This article will assist you in how to make portable air conditioners work better with some tips and tricks.

Portable air conditioners are very eye-catching and look very beautiful if they are placed in your room but you have to maintain the cleaning of your portable AC. Summer time’s are very fascinating for outdoor games and activities like swimming in a pool and play ball games but with all these enjoyable activities they also bring hot temperatures.  

how to make portable air conditioners efficient

These high temperatures are not comfortable for all age groups. Central Air Conditioners are very expensive and not everyone can buy them and electric fans are not enough to control the heat and warm weather. Portable Air conditioners are easy to install as well as most people can afford them easily but how to make portable air conditioners efficient is a very frequently asked question. Their popularity and use increase day by day because everyone can buy them easily and they are within the reach of every individual.

They are having a self-containing cooling system which is enough for small houses. This Portable Air conditioners cool your space easily and you can move them from one place to another according to your desire and need. They don’t even need the perfect installation. You just have to place your unit and will be carefree. Like every new appliance which you bring to your home. You need to be used to with them. This portable AC also needs some time to adjust but a little bit of cleaning and maintenance is required.

How to make portable AC colder

Here in this article, we gather certain trips that help you to take care of your portable AC system and how tomake your portable AC colder. These tips will help you to maintain your AC and increases its durability. They also help you to increase its efficiency and cooling ability. These steps also improve the cooling power and saves your money, help your Portable Air conditioner runs efficiently all summer long. You also come to know about how to make the portable air conditioner work better.

Tips for making your portable AC work efficiently

Tips for making your portable AC work efficiently

Install with Strategy

You should keep your mind active while installing your Portable AC. Install it in the most appropriate place in your house. Make sure that your space is according to the size. Buy the size which is appropriate for your room. There are certain places in your room try not to install your Portable AC near these places.

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Location matters a lot

Location of placing your Portable AC is also very important. Try not to place it in the house where the afternoon sun will strike directly because sunlight is friendly to your system. You should be aware of the doorways and windows from where sunlight directly reaches your system. Close these doorways and windows to prevent your system from heat.  Make sure that direct heat will not touch your unit. Not only protect it from the sun make sure that it will not place near some kitchen appliances. Other devices such as television and computer also release a lot of heat. Try not to place your unit near them. If the heat of the sun strikes directly your unit it may not give you the desired temperature level. Not only this life of your system will also become short. We strongly recommend you also read our previous article – why portable air conditioner fills with water quickly

Avoid Humid Spots

It is will a wise decision of you that install your unit in a place where there is less humidity. The level of humidity will be low because higher humidity directly affects your system and will increase the condensation in your room.

Ventilate it properly

Ventilation of your Portable Air Conditioner is very important yet it is a very simple process. It helps you to work your Air Conditioner more efficiently and effectively. If your unit cools in less time it will save your energy cost as well.  You should make sure that the hose and hoses will be attached to the back of the window kit of your unit. Keep it straight and length as short as possible. Make sure that you will follow the direction properly and carefully. Ventilation will increase the life of your Air conditioner. It doesn’t matter which kind of AC you are using ventilation is very important. If you are doing proper ventilation your unit will pump the hot air outside your room very easily. It also protects your AC from overheating and maintains the temperature of your room.

Use appropriate Vent Kit for your Window

Most of the Portable Air Conditions comes with the appropriate window kit. Most of the windows are designed as a slandered size which is convenient for most homes but you need to adjust it according to your need.

Cleanse the Air Filter

Most of the Portable Air Conditioner is having the feature of washable air filter which help to remove dust from the air, so you should need to clean the air filter of your unit properly but if your system is not having this feature there is no need to clean it frequently. Just clean it once in the summer. It will give you the perfect cooling.  You can clean the system with hot water and add some detergent to it as well. Dry your system properly before fixing it and using it again.

Exhaust Hose Straight

As we discussed earlier that ventilation of your system is very important but with ventilation, you have to take care of the hose as well. You should decrease the twist and kinks in the hose and try your best to keep it straight. Otherwise, it will limit the flow and affect the ventilation. Try to use the hose which is shorter in size so you can easily avoid twists in it.

Change the Air Filter regularly

The changing of your air filter spends on how frequently you are using your system. Try to check it every after 6 to 8 weeks that it is working properly or not. You also inspect its condition very frequently. If you think that your home will be dusty most of the time then replace it often. If you do not pay attention in inspecting the air filter it may damage your unit and it will not work properly. You may lead to many problems as a result. Like you will not get the desired temperature. It will affect the cooling system. So the owners to check it frequently and replace it.

Store properly when not in use

If you have no plan to use tour Portable Air Conditioner or when the season changes it is recommended to keep your system safe for next season. You have to drain all the water properly present in the water container of your system and use fan mode in ac for many hours. Make sure that the interior of your unit will be completely dry. Unplug it properly, clean and dry it. Put the original wrapping sheet again and put it in the dry and comfortableplace of your house.

There several advantages of Portable Air Conditioners but all you need to do it to follow the right strategy for them. If you are following the right strategy you will increase the life and efficiency of your system. The above-listed maintenance tips will keep your system safe as well as you will stay cool and saves money.

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