Is air conditioner bad for fish

Most people’s houses already have aircon units. Some of them have fish as their pets. The question is, is an air conditioner bad for fish? Or, does the contrary apply: Is an aircon unit suitable for fish?

As pets, people often plunge their fish in the mini aquarium called fish tanks. House areas that contain fish tanks can also have aircon units. However, some people argue that the aircon’s presence can impact fish tanks.

Those things are what we’ll discuss over the next point. Apart from answering if an aircon affects a fish tank, we’ll see to what extent do (or will) they affect the fish tanks.

Does air conditioner affect fish tank

“Yes” can be the straightforward answer to this question. After all, aircon units don’t seem to impact the fish lives if both the aircon and fish tanks are in the same areas. As long as we pay attention to the things that air conditioners produce and the ways air conditioners work, they won’t affect fish tanks.

First of all, always keep in mind to balance the temperature ranges for your air conditioners with your fish tanks. The fish tanks’ temperatures range between 22-25 degrees Celcius. So, this is the temperature range that you should set for your aircon units.

You can adjust the temperatures based on the outside environment’s temperature. At some points, you can even install coolers for your aircon units. Nonetheless, your air conditioners’ placement is vital, too.

Avoid placing air conditioners directly on top of the fish tanks. You’ll need to apply this precaution in cases of water leaks and unusual degrees of cold air from your aircon units. Make sure they don’t directly “touch” the fish tanks. Else, they will damage the fishes’ lives.

Do fish like air conditioning

Air conditioners are household appliances to support air circulation and control the air’s temperatures in a room. Fishes are living beings that can’t live without air. Without air, they can’t get supplies from their gills. Thus, they can’t swim.

Those entire things make fish favor air conditioners. We advise you to install at least one central AC somewhere around the fishes’ habitats in your areas. As long as you set the AC temperatures right, your fish will be okay. You’d also want to put the AC not so close to the fishes’ habitats to preserve their lives.

The average temperature range for your air conditioners should be around 25 degrees Celcius if you want your fish to enjoy swimming in the tanks or aquariums. In some cases where the fishes can swim in warm water, it’s okay to set the AC temperatures to approximately 27 degrees Celcius.

Can fish be kept in AC room

Since fishes love air conditioners, we can keep them in AC rooms. Many people tried to put their fish tanks or aquariums inside AC rooms, and the fishes survive. Some of the fishes even grow and spawn a lot.

Goldfishes and betta fishes are two fishes that people tend to prefer. In Asian cultures, people believe goldfish to be the luck bringer in the family, relationship, and workplaces. Betta fishes are the beautiful fighting fishes that some people believe help them grant money, jobs, and victories in their lives.

Hence, the question becomes, is it true that the differences in the fishes’ types impact the ways they live in air-conditioned rooms? Is an air conditioner bad for fish – in particular, those two types of fish? We’ll start with goldfish first.

Can goldfish live in aircon

Goldfishes are some of the most famous freshwater fish types with the combination of orange, yellow, and red colors in their bodies. These fishes are sensitive to red, green, blue, and ultraviolet colors. Goldfishes can only grow as long as 6 inches (15.24 cm) in bigger-sized fish tanks.

Like other fishes, they can live in a room with aircon units. If you think of placing an aircon near a fish tank where goldfishes dominate the population, make sure the aircon’s colors don’t belong to the colors that trigger goldfishes’ sensitivities.

Another thing to remember is that goldfishes’ temperatures depend on the water and air conditioner temperatures. Be careful if you set the water and aircon’s temperatures too high or low as these settings can impact the goldfishes’ health and well-being.

Can betta fish live in air-conditioned rooms

Betta fishes are yet other colorful popular freshwater fishes like goldfishes. However, instead of having orange, yellow, and red bodies, their body colors tend to have blue, red, or even rainbow hues. These fishes have short fins and usually only grow around 2.4-3.1 inches (6.1-7.8 cm) no matter where they are.

Betta fishes can breathe directly from the air, and some can even thrive in harsh environments. At the same time, when placing aircon units with fish tanks or aquariums that contain betta fishes, you should remember that these colorful fishes are tropical fishes.

Being the tropical species, they will perform at their best in between 24-30 degrees Celcius. Never put your betta fishes under rooms with cold temperatures. Thus, they can’t live in air-conditioned rooms, particularly when the rooms have walk-in coolers. Instead, place them inside a fishbowl under a quite warm room.

Is too much conditioner bad for fish

Here, “conditioner” doesn’t mean aircon units or air conditioners. Instead, “conditioners” are water conditioners, the substances for removing chlorines and neutralizing the portions of chloramines inside a body of water.

So, is using too much of a conditioner have such terrible impacts on fish? Again, “yes” is the straightforward answer because every time you overuse or overdo things, they will backfire at you no matter how beneficial they are. At the same time, we can’t only rely on straightforward answers. We need to dig deeper into the longer answers.

You need to follow the doses stated in the instructions to apply the conditioners to your fish tanks or aquariums. As long as you don’t dump an entire bottle of conditioners, your fish will be okay. After all, conditioners only remove the chlorines and neutralize the chloramines instead of eliminating the two harmful substances for good.

Can AC water be used for aquarium fish

When thinking about AC water, you may think about the water that comes from the AC’s leakage. In such conditions, you can never use AC water for aquarium fish. Such liquid can kill fishes and damage other ecosystems inside your aquariums.

Still, some people use the aircon water in drain modes. When the water you use is an aircon drain water, the water’s pH level, acidity, impacts, and more, are similar to tap water. In such situations, you can use AC water for the fishes in your aquariums. As long as you apply the appropriate types and amounts of conditioners, the results will be great.

At some points, you may think about needing a water purifier to purify the AC drain water. Yet, you should bear in mind that the purification processes may only eliminate some toxic substances in the aircon drain water. They won’t adjust the pH level, and this is the weakness of a water purifier that you should consider.

In conclusion, is AC conditioner bad for fish? No, because the air from the aircon is what they need. It doesn’t matter if they’re goldfishes, betta fishes, or other types of fish.

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