Is air conditioner required in bangalore

The city of Bangalore is popular and acclaimed all over the world because of its amazing moderate and cool climate that almost feels like having an air conditioner around you no matter where you go.

Having said that, does Bangalore require ac?

So far, it seems that Bangalore residents and tourists alike can benefit from turning on their ac now and then.

Is the famous air conditioned weather of Bangalore gone

The temperatures in Bangalore have been seeing a rapid increase for the past several years. For the longest time, coolers, fans, and even ac units used to be unheard of in the place.

About 30 years ago, most of the old houses in Bangalore didn’t have any ceiling fans. The summers in the area were relatively short, most of which lasted for barely one month, while cool evening showers follow daytime heat, significantly bringing the temperature. Today, however, evening showers have become rare with the lack of humidity and clouds.

What changed for Bangalore

The emissions of greenhouse gas as a result of different human activities were the key factors that cause climate change and their numbers are expected to continue increasing in the next few years.

These have already reached their peak and with no clear action, the average surface of the world is projected to increase throughout the 21st century and will likely go beyond 3 degrees Celsius during this current century, with certain parts of the planet expected to become warmer than before.

From the years 1880 up to 2021, there was an average increase of 0.85 degrees Celsius in global temperature. To put it into perspective, for every increase in temperature of 1 degree, the yields of grain will decline by around 5%. Wheat, maize, and other types of major crops have gone through dramatic yield reductions at a global level of up to 40 megatonnes annually between the years 1981 to 2002 because of the warmer climate.

But, with the use of different technological measures combined with some significant changes in behavior, there is still a possibility to put a cap on the increase in the mean temperature of the world by up to 2 degrees Celsius above the preindustrial levels.

About Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is changing rapidly and unfortunately, it is happening for the better and for worse at the same time.

Bangalore city enjoys rather favorable weather all year round. This city is found in the Deccan plateau of southern peninsular India, located at a height of 949 meters above sea level.

The weather in the area helps the residents determine the type of clothes they will wear outside during any given day while the climate helps them identify the plants and crops they can grow and the best time to plant them.

Weather in Bangalore

The weather in Bangalore has long been known as heavenly weather. Days are often warmer while evenings are cooler. A light breeze blows from dusk till nighttime. This is the general climate of Bangalore.

Almost throughout the year, the weather in the city seems like a blessing. Most of the time, Bangalore has light rain showers that make the atmosphere colder.

Summers in the area is warmer while winters tend to be cooler. It is very rare for Bangalore to experience extreme weather conditions. These days, the summers in Bangalore reach a maximum temperature of up to 36 degrees Celsius. When winter comes, the temperatures may fall as low as 17 degrees Celsius.

However, despite the changes in the weather condition of Bangalore, it continues to be popular as the coolest city in India. This city in Karnataka is hit by the monsoon during July that continues through September.

Best time to visit Bangalore

The most ideal time of the year for visiting Bangalore, the Garden City, is from October to February. The weather in Bangalore rarely experiences the wrath of extreme climate. It is best to avoid visiting the city during rainy months.

Winter reaches its full bloom in Bangalore in October and remains until February and sometimes even longer. This is the period considered to be the best time for visiting Bangalore when you will not need ac or a fan and you can roam around and explore the city with no need to worry about getting drenched in sweat.

The weather is no doubt the best thing about Bangalore. This is the very reason why people from all over the world flock to this city. Aside from this, the city has already become an IT hub. It is also sometimes called the Pensioner’s Paradise, thanks to its attractive and pleasant weather conditions.

Many industrialists prefer the peaceful place because of its wonderful weather. People from far and wide have visited and come to love the place because of its serenity.

What can be done to bring positive changes in Bangalore weather

The climate ranges from the seasonal changes as a result of the tilt of the axis of the Earth to the long-term processes that take place over a millennium. The climate is never static and it always changes, sometimes gradually over thousands or even millions of years or sometimes suddenly, in just a matter of decades or even years. Having said that, this means that there is still a chance to bring back the beloved air-conditioned weather of Bangalore.

For the past 10 years, lots of trees were cut down in the area. The green belt or peri-urban area, the green cover has become eroded because of the conspiracy between the forest department and tree mafia. Trees provide a canopy that can bring the temperature down by 2 to 3 degrees. Without radiation mitigation, it only maximizes the heat island effect. This means that through planting more trees, there is a possibility that Bangalore’s lovely ac-like weather will be back soon for the present and future generations to enjoy in the many years to come.

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