Is it safe to use window ac during thunderstorm

AC has become an essential need of today’s world, especially in hot regions of the world. People use AC in summers when there are intense heat and sun outside.

It provides relief from the hot sunny weather and creates a comfortable environment for you whether you are at your home or your workplace. Using it during a thunderstorm may cause damage to your entire electric unit. Hence, it is better to switch it off during a thunderstorm. Now people use Ac even in their cars to make their journey more comfortable, but it is not suitable for the regions facing a heavy of thunderstorms.

Most commonly, it is advised often not to use Air Conditioners in places with more rainfall and thunderstorm. Even it is also said not to use electric appliances during extreme rain and thunderstorm because it may cause extreme damage to the electric unit.

You may shut down the AC when you see that weather is changing and turning towards rain. It is unnecessary to use the Air Conditioner while the weather is rainy because it usually decreases the temperature level. If you keep your Air conditioner on during the thunderstorm, it may cause significant damage, and your safety will be at high risk.

This article will tell you how to prevent your window AC from severe weather conditions and what measures you can take to protect your window AC.

Can lightning strike an ac unit

can lightning strike an ac unit

Lightning causes serious trouble in your entire electric unit if it strikes directly on your window Air Conditioner. There are a lot of serious things that happen if lightning strikes your window AC. Thus results may be major or minor. Your compressor may be failed during rain.

It is costly and very complicated to fix it again. It also damages your electric lines, which may affect the fuse of your electric unit. Lightning strikes your home during a thunderstorm. It may strike on the place where your electric supply comes from our utility lines may strike on your roof. It can send you huge voltage damage or your circuit breaks. All the electric devices which are using at that time could be damaged, and this damage would be unrepairable.

The same is the case with your AC. If you are running your AC during this, immediately turn it off; otherwise, it will cause significant damage to it as well.

What happens if lightning strikes an air conditioner

What happens if lightning strikes an air conditioner

Here’s what can happen if your air conditioner is hit by a lightning strike:

1. Damage to the capacitor

The capacitor of your air conditioner is most vulnerable to damage by a lightning strike.

2. Damage to the compressor

The compressor is one of the most important and expensive parts of AC. It can also be damaged due to a lightning strike and repairing it might cost you a lot of money. Sometimes, it takes days, weeks, or even months to detect the damage caused to the compressor by a lightning strike.

3. Damage to the fuses

A lightning strike can also burn the fuses of your electrical system and trip the breakers.

4. Damage to the wiring

A lightning strike on your AC unit can also burn the wiring of your AC unit and cause it to stop working. In a worst-case scenario, the lightning strike can burn the wiring of your whole house causing your electrical system to fail.

How to tell if lightning struck your ac unit

how to tell if lightning struck your ac unit

Once the lightning storm is over, how can you determine if lightning struck your AC unit or not?

Well, you need to follow these 4 steps to find the signs of lightning strike to ac unit.

  1. Look for any visible damage. Does the AC unit lookburnt or damaged from somewhere? If yes, then it means it is struck by lightning and you should call an expert to get it checked.
  2. Check the thermostat of the AC unit. Try turning it on & off. If it doesn’t work then try switching your circuit breaker on & off. Try replacing the battery of the thermostat. If nothing works then it could be a sign of a lightning strike and you should call a professional.
  3. If the thermostat is working & turns on then set it on the “fan” mode. Observe if the fan &condenser work simultaneously or not. If they don’t then you need to call a professional for getting it checked.
  4. We also recommend you save the date of the lightning strike and also take photos and videos of the damage to the AC as it can help you with insurance claims later on.

Do air conditioners attract lightning

Do air conditioners attract lightning

Lightning will not strike directly to your Air Conditioner. It may melt the plug of your unit. The control panel of the Air Conditioner is very delicate which can be damaged badly. You may replace it completely.

This control panel is the complete system of your AC and after its damage, you have to buy the whole panel. There are ways of damage one is a capacitor and the other is a compressor. A Capacitor is bearable but a compressor is unbearable because it is very expensive.

Should you turn off air conditioner during storm

Yes, you should turn off your air conditioner during a storm.

The reason is that any unfortunate accident can happen during a storm. Your AC unit can be struck by lightning or any flying/broken object like trees can fell over the AC unit, and break its wires. It can cause a short circuit or power surge resulting in damage to the AC unit or its parts like compressor, fuses, wires, and capacitors, etc. This will cost you a lot of money.

Therefore, keeping the air conditioner off during a storm is best for the safety of you, your family, your house, and your air conditioner unit. It will save you from big expensive repairs and thus save your time, money, and life.

Do air conditioner work harder on rainy days

No, the air conditioner does not work harder on rainy days.

If the outdoor temperature or humidity is high then the AC has to work harder.

If the outdoor temperatures or humidity are low then the AC doesn’t have to work harder.

Rain removes the water vapors from the air and decreases the humidity. It also cools the coil of AC. Moreover, the outdoor temperatures also drop. Therefore, the efficiency of the AC unit increases and it does not have to work harder on a rainy day.

Ways to protect air conditioner from lightning in sever weather conditions

There are ways to protect your AC from these kinds of damages. Surge protectors are not enough to protect your Air Conditioner from damage. Plugging out the wire of your AC is also not the solution to your problem. The only solution is if you are living in this kind of area is you should install the protection system. You may use lightning rods, conductors, and ground rods instead of roof roads.

Create a separate path for lightning so it may not damage your electric system. It also helps to prevent the entire electricity of your home not only prevent your AC. All the systems may work when you switch off your AC during rain. It is the best way. If you hire a well-experienced electric man to install all the electric systems in your house you will be safe from this damage but keep this thing in mind and make your self-satisfied that this protection system has all the advantages you need and is more effective for your electric unit. Floods can also damage your AC units.

All the things which contain water and merge to your electric unit can damage your electric unit and may cause a circuit breaker to your house and affect the whole electricity of your house. For protecting your AC it is necessary to turn your system off. It will be a wise decision to unplug your Air Conditioner during thunderstorms or rain especially, for window AC.

After the rain or sky became clear inspect the AC from all sides. If it gets dirty clean it before switching it on. You Ac will stand in normal weather conditions but these precautionary measures are necessary to be taken in extreme weather conditions.

Are window air conditioners waterproof

Rain is not good for your AC unit. It may harm it and damage it. It is dangerous for both the central system and a window unit. Different safety measures take care of your AC maintenance during extreme weather conditions. The Window system of AC has both sides interior and exterior. The exterior side is waterproof as it is heat and rain-resistant. The central AC unit is manufactured of aluminum, copper, and metal. This will protect the window AC from rain and other extreme weather conditions.

Can you run a window air conditioner in the rain

If the window Air conditioner is not installed properly. It may allow the rain to enter your house and can destroy the walls and the decoration of your walls. These simple tips can help you to take care of your unit during the rainy season.

Manage your air conditioner in extreme rainfall

You should cover your AC unit with the covers available in the market. It will keep your unit dry but it should not be of plastic because plastic gets moisture from inside. An outdoor unit is built according to the rain and other weather conditions. It is more durable and designed accordingly. You should clean your system. It does not work if it is overloaded with leaves and dirt. If your system is covered with leaves or dirt during the thunderstorm cleanse it. You may call the experienced electrician and spry your system entirely but don’t worry that it will become wet with it. The wires installed can be managed in wet and rainy conditions.

Inspect your window

You can inspect your window AC properly after installation. Make sure that there will be no gap available between window and window AC. The side panels should be installed properly without leaving any gaps.

Adjust it properly

If you find any gaps during inspection fill those gaps properly and adjust the Window AC accordingly. Make sure that window panels are adjusted properly. Tighten the screws and make sure that they will not move again. The place which is left around your window AC fills it with panels so extra air will not enter into it.

Will rain damage a window air conditioner

Yes, it is safe to use your AC in a rainstorm as its outdoor unit is completely waterproof, so rain will not cause damage to your Air Conditioner. If you use your AC on rainy summer days, you will feel more comfortable, but if the rainstorm turns into flooding and you observe that water stands around your unit, you should switch off your system and stop its usage. And turn the electric panel off to protect your house from big damage.

Rain will not damage your Air Conditions, but water standing around it may cause damage to your Air Conditioner. The Window AC is very easy to install in the wall and may work as a central AC. It may install properly; otherwise, it may get out of the window. It has a safety system that protected it from rain and other damages. While rain, many people complain about the dripping sound of rain on their window AC. It may irritate the ear, but it does not cause any harm to your window AC.

If you put a window AC drip cushion on it, you may not hear this irritating sound. It is the best water-absorbing pad with a magnetic back. It can be attached to the back of your window AC and will give escape to this irritating sound.

HVAC Professionals

If your window AC is suffering from the issue during the thunderstorm. The HVAC professionals can check your unit and investigate the issue. These teams are well experienced and highly qualified in their field. There are various brands having HVAC experts. They all are well experienced. You may call them and fix your problem at any time. Most of them are providing services at any with or anywhere. They work efficiently and take care of your needs. They always manage to take care of the comfort zone of their customers.

We also strongly recommend you learn how to protect ac outdoor unit from rain.

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