Jackie aircon cleaner review

Jackie Aircon cleaner is simple to use a DIY product that effectively eliminates pollen, mold, slime, dirt, and another build-up that are bad to fitness or cause allergies which otherwise is unreachable by conventional useless cleaning techniques. Tested and verified by PSB against Legionnaire diseases, Jack Aircon cleaner will stop cases of allergies and infections. Regular usage of the item makes sure that your air conditioner is at its best performance helping to decrease operating costs and water dripping. Maintain your AC in the best condition leading to a stunning performance.

Jackie aircon cleaner, stops bacterial and viral cross infections, viruses, germs, rids odors, unblock pipes, and helps you lower your power bills by helping your aircon run perfectly. Hundred percent manufactured in Singapore in an environmental, standard, health, and safety compliance standards.

Jackie Aircon Cleaner Features

  • DIY air-con cleaners keep your time, money, and power.
  • Maintains your air-con at its best performance
  • Gets rid of dirt, slime, mold, and other buildups
  • No rinsing needed, just spray on and leave it to dry
  • Tested by Singapore productivity and standard board, proven successful against Legionnaire disease
  • Unblocks drainpipes and decreases dripping due to buildup
  • CFC-free and environmentally secure propellant will not destroy ozone in the upper stratosphere
  • DIY in fifteen minutes, simple to use

Directions for use

  1. Disconnect energy supply and open-air intake panel.
  2. Remove and rinse/wash filters
  3. Apply vacuum cleaner to get rid of built-up where important
  4. Shake perfectly and spray foam into fan blades and aluminum coils.
  5. Permit fifteen minutes for cleaning and response. Reinstall filters and near air intake.
  6. Change aircon to air blower type and permit freshening for 10-15 minutes. (no rinsing is needed, and contents will not harm or corrode plastic or metal parts). Typically one spray can provide up to two or three cleaning instances.

Advantages of jackie aircon cleaner

Improves air standard

Dirt and other particles that get in your unit can be bad for your health. This is mainly bad for any person in the room who has allergies or asthma. When you do aircon chemical cleaning, you get rid of the grime and dirt that accumulates in your AC. This clears out the air filters and other parts,  permitting clean air to circle around your house or business, ensuring the health of your occupants.

Prolongs your units lifespan

A chemical wash is a complete overhaul of your aircon unit, and the best technician would not just clean the unit, but check the individual parts and tell you which need repair or replacement. Just like how servicing your vehicle keeps it working longer, standard aircon maintenance should keep your unit as best as new.

Makes your unit more power efficient

Due to dirt build-up, your aircon will have a difficult time cycling the air via the components. This will make the unit job twice as hard for the same level of effort, skyrocketing your power bill. By getting your AC chemically cleaned, you will get rid of the build-up and get your aircon running perfectly again, permitting it to use less power to function.

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