11 reasons why aircon not cold (with images)

Is your AC blowing hot air? Why aircon not cold? Never fear. The home air conditioner starts cold then gets warm is a general issue that has several solutions and causes.

When an aircon is blowing hot air, it can be frustrating. Our offices and homes will be hot. It pays to keep an eye on your AC throughout the year. Regular aircon maintenance make sure you can spot any issues early on. You can do basic aircon maintenance jobs yourself if you wish but we recommend you can call an aircon experts for bigger tasks and regular checks.

Here are the 11 reasons why aircon blowing hot air or aircon not cold after cleaning

Your outdoor unit is clogged

Your outdoor aircon unit is clogged

Central AC systems make use of 2 units – one which is placed outside of your home. These units work in tandem to remove heat from your house. Anyway, it needs unrestricted airflow to the condenser coil placed in the outdoor unit to be capable to do this.

If the outdoor unit is clogged with leaves, dirt, or other debris, it will limit the airflow, causing the inside unit to blow warm air. Just clean the outdoor unit in order to get rid of whatever was blocking the airflow.

Wrong thermostat setting

Wrong thermostat setting

In most AC units, there are generally two thermostat settings, ‘on’ and auto’. When it is on the ‘auto’ mode if the unit senses it is near to set point it may actually turn off the inside fan as it would in heating mode. To be sure, run your unit in cooling mode in hot months. This will run the inside fan circulating the air and give excellent indoor temperature control.

The perfect temperature to set your thermostat at in hot months is actually between 24-26 C. adjusting the thermostat to less than this may outcome in overcooling and could lead to increased power bills. Actually, each 1 C increase of the thermostat setting can keep you about ten percent of your power usage.

If you are looking to invest in new AC in the future, it is value buying one with what is known as a smart thermostat. Thanks to Wi-Fi enable sensors, these can mechanically detect the best environmental conditions like humidity and heat, and manage the temperature based on your usage behaviors. They can also set the temperature based on the actions. You can also control the temperature of your house remotely through your smartphone and view your energy use in real-time.

Your outdoor unit has lost power

Your outdoor aircon unit has lost power

In some cases, the outdoor unit may have drop power while the inside unit continues to run. This can become hot air blowing through your vents. This can occur in the breaker to the outside unit tripped or for the reason that the power shutoff switch was flipped.

Just reset the emergency switch or the breaker. If the air conditioner circuit breaker keeps tripping, contacts an expert. The reason ac keeps tripping breaker continually is that there is most likely a serious electrical issue with the air conditioning unit.

Dirty air filters

Dirty air filters

When is the last time you replaced or cleaned the air filter in your air conditioner? Most people never do that until something goes bad. Air filters do get dirty and this blockage would not clear up until you or a technical removes and replaces it. The filter alone will not cause hot air to blow, but it will decrease cooling effectiveness significantly and cause aircon not cold enough.

Dirty evaporator

Dirty evaporator

The evaporator is an important part of the aircon. It helps to ensure that the device is working and makes the house chill as well. The aircon will not work well with a dirty evaporator and will be not capable to keep you relax during the hot weather season. So, if the question “why is the aircon not cold” begins disturbing in your mind, it is forever the best idea to confirm the evaporator at normal intervals. Make it a point to clean it frequently to controls its functionality. The cleaning can be done at an interval of six months to once a year, according to the condition.

Refrigerant levels

Refrigerant levels

Refrigerant leaks or low refrigerant can make serious problems. Refrigerant is important for the process of replacing the temperature of your inside air. Low or depleted levels can lead to warm air being pumped back into your home. Check around the external unit for any leaks. This is a serious warning that something is bad. Refrigerant leaks can be managed on your own. You will need an expert to check, patch the leak, and refill refrigerant levels. It is excellent to do this sooner than later. Low refrigerant levels can put a lot of pressure on the unit and lead to more costly repairs down the road.

Frozen coils

Frozen coils

Aircon not cold after regas? Ice on the coils can block chill air from entering your home, meaning the fan is just pushing through the warm air. It may seem unlikely the evaporator coils of an HVAC unit can freeze, mainly in the hot Singapore weather. Coils may freeze when the AC tries to chill air with settings below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature is far lower than a general air conditioner goes. Anyway, your HVAC can generate levels this cold when trying to meet extremely low settings fast. Typically, homeowners set their thermostats too low to get their homes to chill down fast. Anyway, this can backfire when the coils ice up over trying to get the thermostat setting. Install, permit your house to get the general temperature at its general rate, and reject setting your structure super low to try to quick up the process.

Faulty wiring

Faulty aircon wiring

The issue with your AC system could also be down to faulty wiring. Random electrical issues do occur and can sometimes be hard to notice, but an experienced person has the tools and knowledge to pin-points faults and fix them. This may involve some rewriting or changing some parts of the unit. Do not temper to try fixing the wires yourself, as only professional electricians understand how to do it rightly and safely.

Return vents blocks or closed

Return vents blocks or closed

Here is another airflow problem that can outcome your AC blowing hot air. Is it possible that vent grills were closed over the winter and never re-opened? Do you have furniture or other issues blocking them?

Take a walk around your area and ensure all returns and registers are open and permitting air to run freely.

Disconnected or faulty ducts

If the duct has cracks, holes, or is fully discounted, come back air may not be making it back to the unit. Or chilled supply air may be getting wasted in your attic, walls, or crawl area, and the AC is blowing hot air as an outcome.

If your ducts are reachable, you might want to take a look. It is not uncommon for damage to happen during construction projects, or from rodents or birds getting into them. On second thought, this might be an area where you are better off getting experts to check the situations of your ductwork.

You have a damaged compressor

You have a damaged ac compressor

If your thermostat is set to right temperature but your aircon still blowing warm air, then something aircon components not working at the best level. Diminished airflow/or little or no chill air coming out of the vents during operation is a clear sign that is something amiss.

If you have performed the general maintenance checks (of your condenser coils and filters), and everything seems right there, then it is time to call in a professional to get to the heart of the issue. Bigger problems like a broken compressor can badly affect your unit’s capability to chill rightly and the earlier the issue is recognized the better.

Unluckily, a number of things can cause the compressor to malfunction:

Block refrigerant lines: If the refrigerant lines are blocked, the increased force and temperature will destroy the compressor.

Dirty condenser coils: This is when dirt builds up on the coils, stopping them from transferring the heat to the outside. The system is forced to continually run in order to chill down, which is taxing on the compressor and causes it to fail.

Refrigerant leaking: If this substance leaks, there will be less of it flowing via the lines.  This means the compressor will job harder, which will finally break it down.

An insufficient amount of oil lubricant: The air conditioner will job work right if it is not grease enough. Keep in mind, cannot be lubricated. If your air conditioner is truly old, this might be a problem.

Anomalies, such as installation errors or manufacturing: If the producer assembled your air conditioner unit badly, some of the errors can cause overt and unnecessary worry on the compressor. For example, if your refrigerant lines are too little or big for your system, then your compressor will have a little lifespan. Also, standard installation is important to system longevity. Get guesses from several air conditioner installers one with a record of standard installation.

Trust the experts

The hot air inside your home on the even warmer day outside is definitely a recipe for disaster. To stop this issue, be sure to keep an eye on your chilling unit and do not forget to give your unit the care and focus it deserves. Just like the rest of your house, your condenser unit and air filter need to be checked and cleaned regularly. Adopting regular AC maintenance with any time HVAC will get rid of inverter aircon not cold issue and will make sure you have a happy, stress-free summer and spring.

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