Repair vs replace air conditioner ultimate guide

It’s always a tough choice to make decisions about what to do with your electrical appliances. Unless you’re rich, these kinds of decisions can cause a lot of stress without a doubt. It doesn’t matter whether your refrigerator or Air conditioner gets damaged. The decision is always hard to make. Mostly because these appliances aren’t cheap at all. You’ll have to spend tons of money to get a replacement or get a better one than the previous one

Of course, it’s only tough when you don’t have proper knowledge of these appliances. And we’re here to make sure to simplify these as much as possible. For you to gain a better understanding of these matters and to act on the understandings you’re about to have.

Aircon replacement cost

Not all of us are willing to throw out our old appliances as soon as they get damaged or not work properly as they used to. They do cost a decent amount of money and that goes without saying.  It’s so hard to decide to repair or change the aircon. Because we’re not sure how long the reconditioned air conditioner would last. Even after you repair them. And repairing them can be costly as well, which brings our next subject. Should we just replace aircon entirely? Cause a complete aircon replacement in Singapore can cost from $5k to 14k. How will we know what’s the best decision about dealing with broken air-cons? Here’s a detailed guide to answer your questions if you need your AC repaired or replaced.

How much to replace aircon unit

Even if your air conditioner can fail or get broken, they can still be repaired as a nearly new AC system. And it can even last up to a couple of years without causing another problem. Or, another worst-case scenario is that you spend some decent money on repairing it. And they get broken again in a couple of months. And nobody wants their money to be wasted on these kinds of bad decisions.

The very quick and easy method is to look for a professional for thorough checking of your AC system. And they can tell you about its remaining life power. That’s how you can easily determine if you need an aircon replacement or just a basic repair. Repairing your old AC can save a decent amount of money. And buying a new generation AC can save your energy bills very efficiently.

Should I repair or replace my AC?

Now, professional help should be your last resort in these cases. Because a lot of service providers will always encourage you to buy their new Air Conditioners. And other times, it’s the opposite. The main point is that service providers can often mislead you to make the right decision. That’s why you can easily figure out whether you need a replace your aircon or repair by reading this guide.

If you have an old HVAC system, it can get risky in the summer weather. Cause that’s when you need your AC most and that goes without saying. There’s a very high probability your AC can break down in the middle of a heatwave session or similar occasions. And that’s certainly not good for anyone to experience. You can always choose professional help from someone unbiased. And they will have the best intentions for your interest. But of course, it won’t hurt to figure them out on your own.

The first advice for you is not to rush your decision for these kinds of matters. Patience does come in handy on a lot of occasions and that’s a practical fact. Let’s dig a bit deeper about whether you need to fix your AC or simply buy a new one.

Things to look for

Determining what’s damaged

You easily figure out most of the issues by trying to figure out what exactly got damaged. This is like the first rule for solving any problems which are understanding the problem first. In most cases, a barking dog seldom bites which is a well-known fact. Even if your AC component damages can appear scary, like making loud noises or acting strangely. It can still be pretty harmless and all you might need is cleaning the components or repairing small components. Like some power-related components or you just need some maintenance.

If you take care of your AC according to the AC user manuals regularly, even an older AC system can work very efficiently. In these cases, you can easily repair any damaged components and save a lot of money.  And the AC surely will perform well in the future. Why my air conditioner making pulsating noise? Please refer to our previous guide to learn all the reasons and how to fix.

Current condition of your aircon

If you think that your AC has been working efficiently and there were no major problems in the past, it might be a great idea to fix it. And most of the time, only minor fixings can turn your AC pretty much good as new. So wasting money on a new AC in these cases can be a bad decision. Unless you want to spend money on a newer generation AC system, which is completely fine.

AC Major Components


But if you’re a bit unlucky, things can get a lot tricky. And that brings the first major problem which is a damaged AC compressor. It’s one of the main components of an entire AC system and often can cause more damage if left unfixed. If your AC compressor is damaged, you should be replacing the air conditioner. Because replacing the compressor can be hugely expensive. Especially for an older model AC system. And compressor damages are not always straightforward. Most of the time, you won’t even realize that what caused it to malfunction, which never is a good sign.


AC cooling substance, also known as a refrigerant is the main baseline of an AC system to work properly. If it gets leaked, bad news for your AC. Now, fixing refrigerant leaks can be easy enough. You just have to find the leak, close it and refill refrigerant to its proper capacity. But that might not be that easy if your AC is older like a grumpy old grandpa. Older units can have multiple leaks and can get very much harder to fix. I’m not saying grandpas can also have multiple leaks or something, that’s kinda absurd to even think about. But seriously, jokes aside, it might be a good decision to replace the AC if it is an older system and has multiple refrigerant leaks. Oftentimes, these leaks can lead to even more damages to other important components of the AC. Not to mention it can cause some serious safety hazards for your health and can be dangerous. I think it’s better not to waste your money on a failing AC system and also for your healths’ sake.

Things to consider when purchasing a new aircon


AC systems can get broken on a lot of occasions and it’s completely up to you what to do with it. The decision is yours along with the cost of your decision. So, do follow the guides before making a good decision and never rush your decisions. It always depends on your logical reasoning to make these decisions.

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