What happens if the air conditioner system is not serviced?

It is vital to ensure that your air conditioner is being serviced regularly in Singapore, as several issues can arise from the absence of service. Servicing includes checking for faults, thoroughly cleaning the air conditioner unit, and repairing for the issues. We have put together a few main problems that can cause by not servicing your air conditioner unit.

High Energy Bills

Long-period you leave your air conditioner system without servicing it in Singapore, the harder it’ll have to work to effectively manage the temperature of your room or building. If there’re issues that have not been fixed or build of germs in an air conditioner system, you’ll be using a lot more power trying to support the air conditioner and getting much less out of it. With regular Air conditioner servicing, you can make sure that you’re receiving max efficiency from your air conditioner unit which will ultimately huge decreased in energy bills.

Health Problems

If your air conditioner system is not cleaned thoroughly on a usual basis, the dirt, dust, and several other allergenic components that buildup can be moved around your room or building. Not just is this unclean but can lead a lot of serious health issues to those regular working in the building. Health issues such as sinusitis, asthma, and many allergic reactions are the most common problems found in rooms where air conditioner systems are not effectively cleaned out.

For areas that utilize air conditioner systems that have not been serviced and maintained for a long period, more serious health issues can be caused arise. The most common health problem caused and spread by air conditioner unit problems is Legionnaire’s illness. The illness lives in water, as well as contaminated water droplets, which can be simply spread all through a room via airflow. The signs of this illness are normally similar to those commonly found with flu problems, but for around 15 percent of those people suffer from this in Singapore, the disease is deadly.

Risk of Breakdowns

With regular maintenance and servicing, you can certain that experts have tested for every problem regarding your Air conditioner system, this means that issues will be fixed rapidly, efficiently and the completion of multiple problems developing upon the peak on another will be prevented. Regular air conditioner servicing will drastically decrease the likelihood of your air conditioner unit breaking downs are issued will be fixed regularly.

Break downs not only stop your air conditioner system from working until they’re fixed, causing an inconvenience to both you and your staff but often take up much time. Where you’d be carrying out some vital jobs, you might have to spend time calling our experts and making some alternative arrangements until the air conditioner unit is up and running perfectly again. Breakdowns problem can also be expensive, especially if your air conditioner system is beyond repair. Investing in usual servicing is more cost-friendly that waiting for an air conditioner breakdown.

How often should air conditioning units be serviced? We recommend service your air conditioner at least one time per year to keep your aircon performance optimum.

So, regular air conditioner servicing is the best way to prevent all problems and make your ac last longer. If you’re still confused and want more info please contact us now.

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