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I am not an HVAC expertise and neither am I a technician, but one thing I always advise my friends to do anytime they are shopping for electronics is that they should always learn about the appliances they intend to get. Not just because it would allow them to make informed decisions, but it would save them a lot of time and money. Of course, there’s a downside to my 

Every time, I am having to provide answers to technical questions like “what does MBH mean in HVAC?”. If you are also curious about HVAC, this question might also be of interest to you, so I would enjoin you to keep reading this article to the very end.

What does MBH stand for in HVAC

In HVAC, MBH is used to represent a thousand BTU per hour. And BTU means British Thermal unit formula which helps to measure the capacity of an ac unit to produce cooling or heating effect. HVAC technicians use MBH to determine the total amount of money you are expected to expand on running your AC unit. And the M in the acronym is 1000 written in Roman numeral.

Can I convert MBH to BTU

Yes, MBH can be converted to BTU. Remember in high school when you are first introduced to units of measurement and asked to convert them from one until to the other? Well, MBH can also be converted to BTU using similar tricks. You will be informed about how best to concert MBH to BTU in the subsequent section, so keep reading.

How many BTU in MBH

MBH is an equivalent of a thousand BTU and can be mathematically represented as MBH = 1000BTU.

How do you convert MBH to BTU

I know this is the moment you have been waiting for, so I would just go straight to business. In this aspect, I will make use of tables because it is one of the best tools for mathematical presentation.

MBH BTU per hour
100 MBH 100000 BTU/h
200 MBH 200000 BTU/h
300 MBH 300000 BTU/h
400 MBH 400000 BTU/h
500 MBH 500000 BTU/h

Since 1 MBH = 1000 BTU, that means the figure which serves as the value of MBH will be multiplied by 1000 just as it is carefully illustrated in the above table.

For example;

In the above table, 100 MBH is multiplied by 1000, which gives us 100000 BTU/h. The same method is used to calculate the corresponding answers to each MBH value.

Can I convert MBH to tons

Yes, MBH can also be converted to tons. However, it would be rational to let you know that Tons is a unit of measurement used in refrigeration.

How many MBH per ton of cooling

1 MBH is equivalent to 0.8333333333333421 tons. And 1 ton is the equivalent of 12 MBH, which means 1 ton is 12 times greater than 1 MBH.

How to convert MBH to tons

To convert MBH to tons, you multiply the value of MBH given by 0.0833333333.

For Example;

Assuming the value given for MBH is 50 and you are asked to convert to tons, you calculate by multiplying 50 by 0.0833333333. Your calculation should look this;

50 MBH to tons

50MBH = 50 × 0.0833333333 = 4.166666665

Refer to the table below for more details about MBH to tons conversion.

MBH Tons
100 MBH 8.33333333 ton
200 MBH 16.66666666 ton
300 MBH 24.99999999 ton
400 MBH 33.33333332 ton
500 MBH 41.66666665 ton

Can I convert MBH to MMBTU

Yes, MBH can also be converted to MMBTU. However, MMBTU should not be confused with MBH because they both have almost similar representations in HVAC. While MBH stands for thousands of BTUs, HVAC technicians  MMBTU represents a million BTUs. So the question now is how many MBH is there in 1 MMBTU?

MBH to MMBTU calculated

TO convert MBH to MMBTU, we must first of finding the equivalent of 1 MBH to 1 MMBTU. 1 MBH = 0.000999999521376461 which means 1 MMBTU per hour is 1001 times greater than MBH.

How to convert MBH to MMBTU

To convert MBH to MMBTU, all you have to do is multiply the value of MBH by 0.000999999521376461.

For example;

If the value given for MBH is 50, you calculate it thus;

50 MBH = 50 × 0.000999999521376461 = 0.0499999761

The table below shows the conversion of MBH of different values to MMBTU

MBH MMBTU (per hour)
50 MBH 0.0499999761 BTU/h
100 MBH 0.0999999521 BTU/h
150 MBH 0.1499999282 BTU/h
200 MBH 0.1999999043 BTU/h
250 MBH 0.2499998803 BTU/h
300 MBH 0.2999998564 BTU/h
350 MBH 0.3499998325 BTU/h
400 MBH 0.3999998086 BTU/h

Can I convert MBH to CFH

Yes, MBH can be converted to CFH. The amount of energy present in natural gas is equivalent to the volume, therefore, MBH can be easily converted to cubic feet per minute, seconds, or an hour.

What does CFH stand for in gas

CFH in gas stands for cubic feet per hour and it is used to calculate the flow rate or speed of case through a pipeline. But in HVAC, CFH is used to determine the volume of flow of air or gas through the cooling or heating system over a certain period. The flow of air or gas can also be calculated per minute or second.

How do you convert MBH to CFH

To convert MBH TO CFH, you need to compare a unit of MBH to a unit of CFH. Since natural gas is measured in therm and a therm is equivalent to 100000 BTU, which means to get your MBH in CFH, you will have to get the value of MBH in BTU before you proceed with your conversion. For example;

If the value of BTU given is 500,000 BTU per hour, the first step for you to take is converting the BTU to MBH. To do this what you have to do is divide the value of the BTU given by 1000 since 1000 MBH is equivalent to 1 BTU.


1MBH=  500000 BTU = 500 MBH

1000 BTU

To convert MBH to CFH, divide MBH by 100000 which is the equivalent of gas in BTU.

This, we will have

500 = 0.005 therm/h


Then multiply your answer by 96.7 which is the value of therm in natural gas.

Therefore MBH in CFH will be;

0.005 × 96.7 = 0.4835 ft cube per hour.

Can I convert MBH to KW

Yes, MBH can be converted to KW. KW means kilowatt and it is the combination of two words with distinct meanings. Considering the two words separately, Kilo means 1000 and watt is a unit measure of power. This means the meaning of the two words combined is 1000power.

How many MBH is in kW

1 MBH is equivalent to 0.029307107kW. And can be mathematically represented as;

1 MBH =  0.029307107kW

How to convert MBH to kW

Conversion of MBH to kW is less complex. All you have to do is multiply the value of MBH given by the equivalent of 1 MBH in kW which is 0.029307107

For example;

If you are given 60 as the value of MBH, what is expected of you is multiplying 60 by 0.029307107. This can be mathematically represented as thus;

60 MBH  = 60 × 0.029307107 = 1.75842642

For more conversion from MBH to kW, with different values, check the table below.

MBH Kilowatt (kW)
50 MBH 1.46535535
100 MBH 2.9307107
150 MBH 4.39606605
200 MBH 5.8614214
250 MBH 7.32677675
300 MBH 8.7921321
350 MBH 10.25748745
400 MBH 11.7228428


Yes, CFM can be converted to MBH. CFM is the short form of Cubic feet per minute. And it uses to calculate the rate of flow of gas through a cooling or heating system over time.

How many CFM per BTU of heating

100 CFM is equivalent to 10000 BTU which means your cooling or heating system of 100000 BTU will require 1000 CFM.

How to convert CFM to MBH

Earlier in this article, I have carefully illustrated how MBH can be converted to CFH. Using the same value in the previous section, if we are to convert MBH to CFM, our calculation will be like this;

Since 60 minutes equals 1 hour, therefore, we are going to divide our answer by 60 and that will give us the value of MBH to CFM.

That is;

0.4835 = 0.0080583333 ft cube/min


However, since we are to convert from CFM to MBH, the case will be reversed and we are going to multiply the initial value by 60. Hence our calculation should look like this;

0.4835 × 60 = 29.01

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