What does the reset button do on a thermostat

Every now and then, you might need to press your US home thermostat’s reset button. It is especially the case for digital thermostats as these devices may become less efficient over time. But, what does the reset button do on a thermostat? 

Just like a cable modem, your digital thermostat requires a reset from time to time so that it gets back right into shape then sets it in its proper and good working order. This is the purpose of the reset button on your thermostat. It is easy to know if there is already a need for a reset since your thermostat no longer regulates your home temperature as well as it used to be.  

Why thermostats require a reset

After some time, the control of your thermostat may get lost in translation. There are instances when this is because of an unintentional advance setting tweaked somewhere, faulty controls, or just because it has gotten out of sync with your air conditioner. 

Whatever the case might be, simple resets may be able to solve these issues most of the time. This is similar to when your smartphone or computer is malfunctioning.

It would be great if you can reestablish the connection between the thermostat and your HVAC system. This might also end up highlighting underlying problems because they often run some quick tests once they turn on. 

How to reset your thermostat

The exact and specific directions to reset a thermostat will somewhat differ by model. The good news is that there are many video and online resources that offer tutorials on resetting a thermostat coming from HVAC professionals, manufacturers, and also some handy homeowners. 

But, for most units, the steps below will be able to help you perform a reset successfully. But, to get more precise directions, it might be best to take note of the model number of your thermostat and go to the website of the manufacturer or the owner’s manual for further information:

Battery flip-flop

There are some units where the homeowner could have the batteries installed backward for 5 seconds to perform a reset.

Circuit break circumvention

Some thermostats may require you to do a little bit of effort. First, turn the off position of the thermostat and go to the breaker box of your home. Look for the breaker to the HVAC unit and flip it off.  See to it that the breaker has been flipped all the way off and wait for up to 30 seconds. Afterward,  you can turn back the breaker on. Proceed to the thermostat control panel then flip back the thermostat to its “on” position. Lastly, set the temperature and the mode either in cool or heat and pay extra attention to the conditioned air’s flow.

Paper clip push

There are several thermostat units that feature a recessed reset button that you can push using a paper clip. Hold it for 5 seconds before releasing it.

Thermostat reset button stays on

There are times when the reset button on your thermostat will activate even if you don’t do anything it will remain in its “on” position. It is especially the case for water heaters. Some of the common reasons why the reset button might trip include the following:

  • A bad switch
  • A short in its heating element
  • A loose wire

Unfortunately, when this particular ac thermostat problem occurs, this is an indication that your device is now broken. With the help of the aircon servicing singapore experts, you will be able to install your new thermostat without any hassle on your part. 

Thermostat reset button stays off

There are some situations when the exact opposite of the above occurs. Even after you tried to press the reset button, the thermostat may still refuse to turn on. In order to troubleshoot this, you need to switch off the thermostat first and take out the batteries before resetting the button again. Put back the batteries in again, switch the mode to cool or heat position and turn back the thermostat on.

Now, if this doesn’t fix the issue, you might need to get the help of a professional. 

Different thermostat buttons have different purposes

Aside from resetting your entire thermostat, your device might also have some other additional buttons that will let you reset various elements on the unit.

  • Arrow Buttons

A thermostat normally has two arrow buttons to reset the temperature lower or higher. When you adjust these buttons, this new setting will only be temporary and will last only until you reached the end of the program set previously.

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