How to keep frogs out of the air conditioner

Usually, frogs don’t get inside an air conditioner as easily as mice or snakes. But if they get inside the AC unit, you may have to face some issues.

There are a lot of cases in which people found bodies of frogs, snakes, and mice cut into small pieces because of the sharp spinning blades. Where getting inside an air conditioner unit is extremely dangerous for frogs themselves, they will also cause a terrible smell while their dead bodies will rot in your air conditioner’s outdoor unit.

Apart from this, frogs can actually get inside your air conditioner and can stay there for a long time. This thing can become extremely difficult for you as you may have to open up the complete AC condenser unit to get them out of it. The most important question at this point is, how to keep frogs out of the air conditioner? Well, this article is solely for you then.

Do frogs like air conditioning?

Frogs are one of the most cold-blooded animals in the world. They love the place where they can have water in the heat or hot weather. We all know that an air conditioner condenser has all the abilities to attract frogs through all means. All air conditioners attract frogs as they keep on dripping water, providing a perfect environment for frogs to live, survive, grow and multiply.

When it comes to window air conditioners, they are usually categorized as the major kind of AC that attracts frogs, pests, and other kinds of animals. You need to take the necessary steps to protect your air conditioner unit from frogs and all other kinds of related animals as well.

Will frogs stay in the AC room?

Frogs can definitely stay in an air conditioner room for a relatively long span of time. According to experts and professionals, the perfect temperature for frogs to live, breed, grow and multiply ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

While keeping this temperature range in mind, it can be said that frogs will not only stay in an AC room but may love to live for a long time. This thing can be proved by the fact that some people keep frogs in their homes.

They have to design a special small room for them and one of the most essential things to be included in that room includes an air conditioner. Although frogs can stay in the AC room, it is not the best place for them to live. They will only stay in the room for some time and will get out of the place where they find a good place to live.

Why are frogs coming through the air conditioner?

Frogs come through an air conditioner as they provide them with a proper place to live and easy access to your home as well. Outdoor units usually have water dripping from the indoor unit and this factor attracts them a lot.

Apart from this, this dripping of water may also become a cause of plats on the grass near the AC unit. Make sure to remove small plants near the AC unit and trim the grass properly to mitigate the chances of frogs to a greater extent.

How to protect air conditioners from frogs?

Protecting an air conditioner from snakes, mice, and frogs may seem difficult but if you know the right technique and have the necessary equipment, you can get the job done with minimum effort.

  • There should not be any puddle or hole near the outdoor unit of an air conditioner as it can attract frogs to your AC more than anything else. We all know that frogs love to stay at a place with a balanced temperature and water and you should never let this happen.
  • Frogs or any other pests can mostly cause damages to wires and you need to follow precautionary measures on this step. There are various kinds of protective materials that are used to protect wires from animals with chewing habits. Steel trunks are most effective in protecting your AC condenser wires.
  • Frogs can only stay on the ground and they are not able to climb on walls to a greater extent. This factor can help you a lot. It is highly recommended to install your air conditioner condenser on a wall. If this is not possible in your case, you should place the AC outdoor unit at least a few inches above the ground.

How to prevent frogs from getting in the air conditioner again?

If you want to prevent frogs from getting inside your air conditioner once you have gotten rid of them, you need to take care of your outdoor unit as this is the only passage through which frogs can get inside the air conditioner.

Below are some of the best tips and methods that will not only allow you to prevent frogs but may also help you to protect your air conditioner condenser from various other external hazards as well.

  • You may have heard of mesh covers that are usually used to prevent leaves from entering your outdoor unit. Although it is specially designed for this purpose, many users have claimed that putting this cover on your AC condenser will stop frogs from entering the unit as well.
  • Keeping your air conditioning unit clean and clear can bring positive results to a greater extent. You should clean air vents and other parts of the unit clean on an almost regular basis. Remove all the dust and debris from the unit. This habit will not only prevent frogs from entering the unit but will definitely increase the air conditioner performance as well.
  • Gaps and air vents are some of the most common places for frogs to enter an air conditioner unit. Make sure that these parts are protected properly and gaps or holes have been taped properly. Although you cannot tape air vents, cleaning them on a regular basis may help you out.

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