(THE TRUTH)Mitsubishi heavy industries vs Mitsubishi electric

Mitsubishi heavy industries and Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are 2 rival air conditioning firms operating under Mitsubishi 3 diamond logo. The Mitsubishi group of firms from a loose entity of independently operated Japanese firms which share the Mitsubishi brand name. Whilst the firms are autonomous, they share the trademark and brand name.

Is mitsubishi heavy industries aircon good? Mitsubishi ac made in which country? This article we will share an in-depth guide on Mitsubishi heavy vs Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi heavy industries are Japan’s biggest shipbuilding machinery maker and are a mammoth firm involved in a big range of industrial concerns. With nearly 150 subsidiaries, Mitsubishi heavy industries run eleven important sectors. Air-conditioning and refrigeration system, shipbuilding, general machinery and components, nuclear energy systems, steel structures and constructions, paper and printing machinery,  power systems, machine tools, industrial machinery, aerospace systems, and produces everything from cruise ships and an oil tanker, turbines, newsprint machines, gasoline engines, airplanes, gear cutting machines and many more.

Mitsubishi Electric has a history dating back decades in a big range of industries, including the vehicle industry. In the air conditioning globe, it is considered a superior brand to Mitsubishi heavy industries AC providing a big range, better controls, and is globally recognized as a Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon brand. Mitsubishi Electric AC producers multi, split, VRF, chillers, and applied type systems with an all-round high standard build. Mitsubishi heavy industries AC has the best selection of mid-range equipment such as the floor, cassette, mounted, CRF styles of the system, and is less industry commercial oriented as Mitsubishi electric.

What is the difference between mitsubishi electric and heavy industry

Advantages of Mitsubishi heavy AC units

There are lots of benefits that are linked with the Mitsubishi heavy units. Some of them contain the following:

Longer experience

This is one of the best advantages of MHI units. The firm was developed in 1870, meaning that it delivers amazing standard units that are efficient and reliable enough. With a long experience, the MHI units are famous to be developed with the user’s consideration.

Little aircon system with best performance

The Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon are developed with less watt, but they deliver the best outcomes. For example, there are 75 non-inverter units that are just 760 watts. Matched to other units that have one-thousand watts, the Mitsubishi heavy offers equal performance. With this, it will support you to keep on the price of power and get the top outcomes.

Noise-free systems

With the heavy Mitsubishi units, they run silently, and you will not hear any noises as you are using Mitsubishi heavy industrial aircon units. No issue the size, they will job silently, without making any noise as the system is running.


The MHI units are proven to be affordable, as they will help to cut on the costs and will provide the best performance. The non-inverter machines have less wattage scores. This is a spec that lets you keep on the prices of the power bills. Naturally, a top wattage will use more power than a lesser wattage unit. The best thing about this is that the HVI systems deliver the best services.

Advantages of Mitsubishi electric aircon

Utilizes smart technology

What makes Mitsubishi electric AC stand out is their very advanced smart technology specs. The way these ACs utilize smart technology makes the units amazingly simple to manage and operate. Wireless functionality permits you to manage the AC remotely, no issue what part of the home you are in. you can also manage the cold and hot in any room, regardless of room size or your place. These are only a few of the many smart specs of Mitsubishi electric ACs, as more advanced units have even more smart tech specs integrated into them.


Not like the MUI aircon units, the Mitsubishi electric ACs have fan coils. This permits the air and heat to move quickly between the fins, and thus get blocked much less often. Since there is less chance of a clog-up, it lowers the danger of the unit overheating. Finally, this makes the unit a bit more strong and simple to maintain than the Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon.

Very user-friendly

With the bevy of smart technology specs integrated into each Mitsubishi electric aircon unit, it is no shock that ac units are the best among the more technologically challenged. The AC has a simple to understand UI, making make known yourself with all the features and specs as simple as 1-2-3.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Vs Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Comparison

Mitsubishi split system

This is the most general type of AC, where the fan and cooling system is based inside, and other parts are outside. Mitsubishi heavy industries and Mitsubishi electric are both well represented in the aircon product category. We have picked a selection of what accessible from each brand to help you match:

Both brands are pretty on par with price, save for the Singapore series from Mitsubishi Electric, which is completed in a Piano black finish. Anyway, if aesthetics is not your key concern, some fair prices can be had from 2 of the leading rivals in the industry.

Is mitsubishi electric better than mitsubishi heavy?

For Mitsubishi electric, it is vital to note that some of its models provide nanoparticles filters that can support room deodorizing, while Mitsubishi heavy industries provide a photocatalytic deodorizing feature in mixture with a clear Allergen enzyme filter. Both brands claim a special silent process and acceptable power ratings. Another thing to note is that there is a rather big jump in price from the 3.5 kW renditions to the 5Kw bracket – keep money by assessing the room you are chilling and whether you need more than 5Kw of power.

Mitsubishi heavy industries 7.1 Kw Vs Mitsubishi Electric 7.1 Kw

When looking at the features, the Mitsubishi Electric 7.1Kw AC specs 8.1Kw heating ability to keep you hot in winter with 2.5 stars of chilling power efficiency and 3 stars for heating power efficiency. The MHI 7.1kw model has a pretty lower warming capacity of 8kw and result, scored 3 stars for both heating and chilling power-efficient ratings. While Mitsubishi electric unit has a suggested retail price tag of $2,399, it could be had for under $1,998, making it near in price to the Mitsubishi heavy industries model.

Mitsubishi heavy industries 10Kw Vs Mitsubishi electric 10Kw

The PEARP100GAAVKIT Mitsubishi electric ducted system is the same as Mitsubishi heavy industries in heating and chilling capacities of 10Kw and 11.2Kw respectively. The Mitsubishi electric providing is a single phase unit equipped with a multi-language show, weekly timer, and the capability to set lower and upper-temperature limits to stop it from excessive heating and chilling. According to Mitsubishi electric, it can help keep power and decrease power bills.

The Industries FDUA100AVNVF2 heavy industries ducted system is also stated to be a one-phase model with external static force control.

Window mounted

These ACs are among the affordable and easiest to install. You find an area in a windowpane, safely fix it there, and then just start, all the parts are within the single enclose, where the chill air is forced in, the rear of the box sits outside forcing hot air outside.

Both Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon and Mitsubishi electric have discounted their window-mounted models, which are generally more power-efficient and silent. Window-mounted AC is not known as window rattlers for anything. Last 2 weeks we have published an article regarding how to install a vertical window air conditioner. Please check it out.


Ducted AC is most found in film theaters and office buildings, which have big rooms and halls needing mass cooling. These systems are a lot more costly than split system models and are not as generally found in homes. Anyway, if you are building from the ground-up, then a ducted AC can be a remarkable way to chill your home on those long summer days.

In terms of power and size, Mitsubishi electric has a more big range of ducted ACs, and with this comes a broader range of prices. Mitsubishi heavy industries ac supplies a lot of three-phase in high and medium static varieties, which is no less or more efficient. Medium static is usually a quieter system in operation as it offers less external static pressure perfect for little duct runs. It truly depends on the size of your home to determine the price and size of the ducted AC you need, and whether you truly need a ducted AC at all.

Is mitsubishi ac good?

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing AC for your house. Which ac is better mitsubishi electric or heavy? Both Mitsubishi heavy industries aircon units and Mitsubishi electric provide competitively priced items and are considered at the top of the industry in terms of standard and reliability. It is difficult to go wrong with either after we compare mitsubishi electric and mitsubishi heavy industries with the same power consumption models.

Which mitsubishi ac is best?

The answer is depend on where you live and where you want to install the Mitshubishi ac. Mitsubishi ac power consumption is fair. If you live in hdb, we recommend the following:

If you are having issue with your mitshubishi air conditioners, please feel free to check our latest Mitsubishi aircon troubleshooting checklist and mitsubishi mr slim troubleshooting guide. We also published a complete list of Mitsubishi aircon fault codes lately.

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