Professional aircon servicing vs do it yourself

An AC is an essential part of one’s life in the hot months. In the case of an inverter, it plays an important role in the winters as well.

It is liable for not just maintaining a relaxed temperature inside a room but also purifies the air to make sure that the best standard fresh air is accessible for your use.

To make sure the right working of the aircon, it is essential that is regularly serviced and cleaned. Otherwise, it will not just affect its efficiency but also affect the standard of air that is being blown within the room.

Can i service my own air conditioner? Yes. When you want to service or clean your aircon, you can either do it yourself or call an expert to do the professional aircon servicing job.

Each technique has its pros and cons which are explained in detail below. You can pick which option works excellent for you.

DIY aircon servicing

When you want to clean your aircon or perform regular maintenance, there are a few things you can do easily without any expert help. Doing them will make sure that your AC efficiency is not compromised and will need minimum repairs in the future. We recommend Jackie aircon cleaner.

Cleaning aircon drain

Cleaning aircon drain

It is important to clear your drainpipes and make sure that no dust or debris is clogging the drainage systems.

This is for the reason that a blocked drainage system may have an effect on your AC capability to decrease dampness, which may finally outcome in extreme moisture in your rooms.

The dirt and bacteria accumulated can then release toxic, polluting the air out by your unit, and likely being a health danger for you and your family.

As such, you must clean your drainage pipe frequently to reject such issues.

A blocked drain can cause an issue by flooding onto the floor or, cause the system to prevent chilling to avoid flooding when the system is equipped with a drain float.

Clean the evaporator coils

Clean the evaporator coils

The restricted airflow which is an outcome of clogged aircon vents or filters can reduce the temperature of the aircon evaporator coils to such an extent that they ice up, significantly decreasing the unit’s effectiveness.

You will be capable to view the ice on the coils if this has occurred. Basic aircon maintenance of cleaning the coils after also cleansing your vents and filters can fully better its efficiency.

Some dust particles may still make their direction into the evaporator coils even with the air filter. This can affect the evaporator’s capability to soak up the heat. So, it is important to clean the coils regularly. It is best to check and clean the coil when you are clearing and cleaning the air filters.

You may use a brush or vacuum cleaner to do so. Though, do clean with care as the coils are generally extremely thin and could bend while you are cleaning, affects its work.

Cleaning the air filters and air ducts

Cleaning the air filters and air ducts

The filters of your unit are important in helping to stop dust particles from entertaining into the evaporator coils. If filters are not cleaned and maintained often, dust particles may stop the airflow. This decreases your aircon chilling efficiency. Cleaning air ducts and air filters are generally performed during normal aircon servicing.

It does not take an expert to get rid of an air filter from an AC. If you know how to take out the filter, you are encouraged to check and clean it regularly yourself. You can get a replacement from your domestic home service store or AC service store. If you live in dusty places, changing your filter should be done every 4 months or so. You can also talk to an expert for the air filter and duct inspections.

When you want to do air duct cleaning, expert services generally use a brush to get rid of any dust elements or a vacuum cleaner to perform the full cleaning.

Having regular maintenance and servicing

Having regular aircon maintenance and servicing is important

While many parts of the system can be maintained and cleaned without professional aircon servicing help, parts such as the compressor need the services of an expert aircon technician.

If you have undertaken all the aircon maintenance jobs listed above but still face problems such as your aircon:

  • Blowing hot air
  • Not being chill enough
  • Creating sounds

It is probably time to seek help from a professional aircon servicing firm. They have the best expertise to get the work done and could potentially keep you the headache and stress from trying to figure the issue.

If you face serious aircon clogging problems of not cleaning it regularly, experts may encourage you to go for aircon chemical wash.

Professional aircon servicing procedure

Professional aircon servicing procedure

Although the right procedure of a how a firm or expert carries out the servicing may be different, but the common process remains the same. Preferably, the aircon installation should be checked every five years mainly for heat pumps and inverters installations.

This examination has to be performed by an expert who determined if any repairs are needed or not. This also contains checking the tightness of the refrigerant circuit to confirm that there are no leaks. The refrigerant is very bad for the atmosphere if it gets out, so make sure there are no leaks in it is of best significance.

This five-year installation check should be paired with yearly servicing by a trained expert. For this objective, the best idea is to make a yearly contract with a certified installer who can do yearly servicing of your aircon to stop any shutdowns and leaks.

This servicing will mainly contain the following steps:

  1. Shutting off the power supply to make sure the safety for every person working with the AC.
  2. The next step is cleaning the aircon filter or changing it with a new one if it is no longer in a working situation.
  3. Then the expert will clean the condenser and remove any leaves, dirt, or other substances that might have gotten stuck in the outer unit.
  4. The next step is the leveling of the open-air unit of the AC. If it is not leveled rightly, it will harm the aircon compressor and motor which may affect its efficiency in the future.
  5. The next step would be to fully clean the outer and inner units with all the specific chemicals and tools that they have. This can help them detect any problem much earlier and replace/repair it to make the sure perfect running.
  6. If such techniques do not yield a dirt-free aircon, the expert may need to offer chemical clean or chemical refurbish services to fully clean the unit.

Although professional aircon servicing might come at a big cost, it is still affordable in the longer run. By paying annually for these expert services, you stop any bigger issues that might have arisen in the lack of service. Aircon chemical wash vs chemical overhaul, what is the different?

Annual AC maintenance – Why is it important?

Annual AC maintenance

Let’s take a look at advantages that regular maintenance of your aircon can offer:

Saving on utility bills

Regular maintenance means that they will end up keeping money on utility bills. This is because when you maintain your AC system, it becomes more efficient at keeping your home at a specified temperature.  This outcome in lower power bills as the system is not using as much power as it was before being cleaned.

Equipment lasts longer

When it comes to HVAC systems like furnaces and air conditioners, they last a lot longer when you maintain them at the right intervals. Since these systems are interdependent on each other, if one system downs, you will view that several other systems fail in a cascade effect. This makes it vital to take care of all the systems at regular intervals.

Stop total breakdown

There are times when people fully neglect care for the aircon system, and eventually, you will be stuck with a non-starting system. What is worse is that it will become considerably more costly if you want to get it up and running. Regular aircon services can ensure that your system does not breakdown.

Cheaper repair bills

Believe us when say that aircon repair bills can get pretty expensive if you reject it till the day it breaks down. And unlike your vehicle, you do not have a substitute when your own home gets cold or hot. You will find that your repair bills are lowest when you follow scheduled maintenance cycles.

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