How we get ROACHES out of AC [SOLVED]

Cockroaches, or roaches, can be found in many different areas around your house, including inside your air conditioner. There are still possibilities for cockroaches to get into your house’s properties even if you’ve cleaned up, to a point that you may wonder, “How to get roaches out of the air conditioner?”

Yet, before we answer the central question in this article, we’ll get through other relevant questions about roaches around your air conditioner.

How to get rid of cockroaches in air conditioner

Can roaches get into the air conditioner?

The answer is yes, and there will always be possibilities. This is because roaches love to seek ways to get into various house’s properties, including the air conditioner. 

The two most common ways for roaches to get into the air conditioner are through the air vents and the drain pipes in the air conditioner systems. The air vents are roaches’ favorite ways to get into the air conditioner since those are connected with the air ducts inside the air conditioner. 

Any roaches getting through the air vents can not only get into the air conditioner but can also get through the whole house. It is also possible for roaches to get into the drain pipes and mess up the air conditioner system from there. 

Why do roaches get into the air conditioner?

Generally, roaches are insects that love to shelter themselves everywhere, as long as they’re dirty, unpolished, and have an unpleasant temperature. Even seemingly “difficult” areas as in the inside parts of the air conditioners are possible for roaches to get into them.

Apart from roaches’ needs for shelters and temperatures, There are still other reasons why roaches can get into the air conditioner. 

For example, the condensation process in the air conditioner provides moisture that attracts roaches. Strands of hairs, decaying matters, and even feces from other roaches inside the air conditioner, can also serve as the foods for roaches that lure them into getting inside the air conditioner.

Why do you need to get rid of the roaches?

If roaches have needs for moisture, temperature, shelter, and food, and they go through every house appliances, used bed frame, and more, including the air conditioners, to have their needs met, then, why do you need to shoo them?

The main reason for this is that roaches are considered pests. Pests are, by nature, parasites, that, if we don’t get rid of them, will make a mess around our houses. They can also bring several diseases if we don’t take immediate actions in getting rid of them from our house and the things around it, including the air conditioner.

Roaches’ bodies contain high bacterial pathogens that can cause pneumonia and other respiratory health problems. An air conditioner, on the other hand, should be able to purify the temperatures and alleviate the symptoms of respiratory health problems. So, that’s why you must not let roaches invade the air conditioner in your houses.

How to get roaches out of air conditioner?

Now that you know roaches are dangerous if they remain in your air conditioner, the question left is: How to get roaches out of the air conditioner?

Here, we provide you the tips on how to get roaches out of the air conditioner. Don’t wait to your maximum annoy levels to apply these tips, because roaches can reproduce real fast and they are not easy to kill. Without further ado, here are the tips:

Clean Up Your House Regularly

This is the #1 tip that you should never, ever, forget to do. Remember that roaches have an extreme love for unclean environments. So, the cleaner your houses are, the less likely roaches will come to your house.

The same also applies to any appliances and furniture in your houses, including your air conditioner. As soon as your air conditioner begins to have unpleasant smells, produce lots of dirt, have annoying buzzing sounds, it’s time to clean your air conditioner using cleaning steams, washing bags, and more.

Use Air Fresheners For Your Air Conditioner

Just as our bodies need perfumes to eliminate unwanted odors, your air conditioner needs air fresheners to eliminate unwanted odors that can cause unpleasant temperatures and roaches to get into the air conditioner.

No matter what your air conditioner’s types are, you can always attach at least one air freshener to the HVAC filters or the air vents of your air conditioner. Along with the air fresheners, you can also add diffusers around your air conditioner to make your air conditioner smells more pleasant.

Fix The Water Problems Around Your Air Conditioner

Just as water is integral to human life, it is also frequent to be seen around your house’s appliances, including the air conditioner. Yet, problems in water conditions can attract roaches if you don’t fix them immediately.

Plumbing pipes can be the source for leaking water and also the invitation for roaches to get into further places around your houses. Fix them as soon as you detect problems on your plumbing pipes. You should also make sure that your air conditioner’s condensation line doesn’t get blocked, else, pools of water can emerge around your indoor air handlers.

Make Your House Cold

Roaches hate the cold environment, especially if the environment is also clean. To get rid of roaches in your air conditioner, you should set up the temperature below 77 degrees Fahrenheit every day. Is 72 a good temperature for air conditioning?

You can also use fans to help you cool down in your room. Fans are also beneficial if you’ve got tired of the increasing electrical bills because of the uses of house appliances and tools that involve electricity, including the air conditioner.

Getting rid of roaches in your air conditioner is both a serious and a difficult problem to handle by yourself. So, you also need to seek help from people who specialize in pest control.

If you happen to seek help from those people, make sure that they’ve done everything they need to do to answer the question of, “How to get roaches out of air conditioner?”

Finally, use this article as your reference in getting rid of roaches from your air conditioner. So, after applying the tips, get ready to say goodbye to the roaches around your houses!

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