Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling

Figuring out what’s wrong with your electrical devices can make you very frustrated. And that’s not the most annoying part. Sometimes, you can’t even figure it out at all. For example, why my portable air conditioner not cooling.

Now, you don’t exactly have to figure out problems on your own. Since almost every problem you can face from your electrical appliances, you can rest assured that someone else also experienced it before. To put it simply, it means that you’re not out of luck at all. There are a lot of guidance and service manuals available on the internet to help you. You just have to narrow your particular problem using the checklist provided by HVAC providers.

Of course, that’s good news and it means you won’t have to headbang on your walls while trying to figure out what’s wrong with your portable Air conditioner.

Your portable air conditioner should be efficient enough to take on the room you’ll be using it on. I mean, if your air conditioner isn’t powerful enough for a bigger room, you can’t exactly expect them to work efficiently. So do make sure you choose the correct BTU when you purchase your portable aircon.

We have a in-depth guild in regards to aircon BTU. Please kindly check it out.

If you choose the wrong BTU, your aircon won’t cool your room efficiently. The air cooling cycle would be messed up due to low efficiency and it won’t work.

How long does it take to cool a house the first time the air conditioner is started? A good air conditioner can cool your room within 15-20 minutes. If yours take longer that this, something is wrong.

Now you’ve pretty much gone through the sayings before, but you certainly need to figure out the problem type before finding the solutions. You’ll have to thoroughly check and investigate the problem with your portable air conditioner. You’ll need to question yourself about what’s currently happening with the air conditioner and what should happen. Detecting the problem quickly will help you solve it quickly and that’s a fact.

There are a lot of problems out there that can be the reason for your portable air conditioner not cooling. And we’re gonna explain in detail what might be the reasons for this kind of frustration.

Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling?

This doesn’t exactly have a straight answer. Your portable air conditioner can stop cooling for a lot of different reasons and not all of them are the same. But we’ll try to simplify the most common reasons here to give you a better understanding why your portable ac not cooling. We also have an in-depth article in regards to why your standard aircon not cool. Portable ac and other air conditioners are not the same.

8 possible reasons why your portable Ac not cooling

8 possible reasons why your portable Ac not cooling

Power source

The most basic check you should do is to check the power unit of the portable aircon. Sounds like an IT support care would say, right? “Try turning off and on the AC” and etcetera. Although however obvious it might be, it still might be a great solution. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to check for the basic options before exploring the complicated ones.

You should check thoroughly to see if the LEDs or Fans are getting power from the power source, or there lies your main problem. You can even find reset buttons on your Air conditioner to use for emergency power problems. And do continue to check until you can be sure that a power unit problem isn’t it.

Bad Air Flow

The fans of your air conditioners are very much important and that goes without even saying. For a lot of reasons, your aircon fans can get clogged and that’s not very good news for your air conditioner. They can either be caused by dirt or frost build-up. Both of them are super bad for you portable air conditioners. It can stop the cooling cycle and most importantly, it can even lead to more fatal damage to your air conditioner if not fixed in time. So if you see anything that is obstructing the aircon fan, hurry up and get on fixing it as soon as possible. Get professional help if needed, but don’t take too much time thinking.


Another basic thing you need to check is what mode your air conditioner is set on and that’s pretty much crucial. I mean, you can’t expect your air conditioner to cool your room while the power setting is set on “Dry” mode, right? Now if by any chance it’s set on anything but “Cool” mode, you gotta change it back to “Cool” mode, to cool your room of course. And do wait for the whole system to boot up for your chosen model, there’s no hurry. After a while, your portable air conditioner should be able to cool your room as usual.

Installation location

If you’ve installed your portable aircon somewhere where it can get direct sunlight, it won’t exactly perform well under that kind of setup. It can affect your Air conditioner In a lot of ways and of course it won’t cool your room more efficiently.


Portable air conditioner or not, they all have internal water tanks that keep the balance of your cooling cycles. And if the tank gets full, you guessed right. The AC won’t work at all to cool your room, and we don’t want that. Every Air conditioners have their built-in beeping light functionality to tell you whether the internal water tank is full or not. And if it is indeed full, don’t even take a minute to think about what to do. The first thing you need to do is drain the water from the AC tanks somewhere you can do it safely. And you can always ask for professional help for these kinds of matters. Since they can be complicated, and not to mention how heavy these air conditioners are.

Damaged Components

An air conditioner is a very complicated device and any of the main components can fail anytime. Although they just don’t pop out all of a sudden, their problems might have been triggering for a long time. The main components of a portable air conditioner include a lot of cooling compressors, cooling coils, and even an air filter inside the aircon. Any of them can be damaged and stop your air cooling capabilities, or slow down. Do seek professional help if needed and that’s never out of the question.

Error Codes

All the modern ACs have their error code showing mechanism. You can figure out what’s the problem with the remote display of the aircon. You can search In the user manual or search the web with the error codes. To figure out what’s wrong with your portable air conditioner.


Your portable air conditioner can stop cooling for many other reasons and these are not the complete list. In any case, you can solve them yourself most of the time. But do seek professional help if you don’t know what you’re doing. These are delicate types of machinery and often need a lot of taking care of. Are portable air conditioners worth it? It depend on where you want to install them.

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