Beko air conditioner troubleshooting

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Please check the following Beko AC possible causes and corrective actions that you can do before requesting repairs or service. If the fault persists, please contact your dealer or service center.

Safety precautions:

  1. Always use a power plug and socket with a ground terminal.
  2. Do not use a defective or underrated circuit breaker. Use the correctly rated breaker and fuse.
  3. Do not use a multi consent. Always use this appliance on a dedicated circuit and breaker.
  4. For electrical work, contact the dealer, seller, a qualified electrician, or an Authorized Service Center. Do not disassemble or repair the product by yourself.
  5. Always ground the product as per the wiring diagram. Do not connect the ground wire to gas or water pipes lightening rod or telephone ground wire.
  6. Install the panel and the cover of control box securely.
  7. Use the correctly rated breaker or fuse.
  8. Do not modify or extend the power cable. If the power cable or cord has scratches or skin peeled off or deteriorated then it must be replaced.
  9. In outdoor unit the step-up capacitor supplies high voltage electricity to the electrical components. Be sure to discharge the capacitor completely before conducting the repair work.
  10. Be sure to use only those parts which are listed in the svc parts list. Never attempt to modify the equipment.
  11. Make sure to check that the power cable plug is not dirty, loose or broken and then only insert the plug completely.
  12. Take care to ensure that nobody especially kids could step on or fall onto the outdoor unit.
  13. Do not place ANYTHING on the power cable.
  14. Do not let the air conditioner run for a long time when the humidity is very high and a door or a window is left open.
  15. Replace the all batteries in the remote control with new ones of the same type. Do not mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries.
  16. Do not recharge or disassemble the batteries. Do not dispose off batteries in a fire.

Why Beko air conditioner does not start

The air conditioner is unplugged

Troubleshooting: Make sure the air conditioner plug is pushed completely into the outlet.

A fuse exploded, or the power supply is blocked

Troubleshooting: Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

Power failure


  1. If power failure occurs, turn the mode control to OFF.
  2. When power is restored, wait 3 minutes to restart the air conditioner to prevent tripping of the compressor overload

High voltage or low voltage

Troubleshooting: If the voltage is unusually very high or low, the circuit Breaker will trip. Check if the circuit breaker has tripped.

The air conditioner was turned off automatically at a preset time

Troubleshooting: Turn the air conditioner on.

The battery setting in the remote controller is incorrect


  1. Make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly in your remote controller.
  2. If the batteries are placed correctly but the air conditioner still does not operate, replace the batteries and try again.

Why Beko air conditioner not cool

Airflow is restricted

Troubleshooting: Make sure there are no curtains, blinds, or furniture blocking the front of the air conditioner.

The air filter is dirty

Troubleshooting: Clean the filter at least every 2 weeks.

How to clean Beko air conditioner air filter

1. Turn off the power to the unit.

2. Hold the knobs of the air filter, lift it up slightly.

How to clean Beko air conditioner air filter

3. Remove it from the indoor unit.

4. Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner or with lukewarm water with neutral detergent.

5. Dry the filter in the shade.

6. Insert the hooks of the air filter into the front cover.

7. Push down hooks to assemble the air filter.

8. Check the side of the front cover for correct assembly of the air filter.

How to clean Beko air conditioner 3M and triple filter

  1. Turn off the power to the unit.
  2. Remove the air filters from the indoor unit.
  3. Remove the 3M and Triple filter from the indoor unit.
  4. Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Insert the 3M and Triple filter.
  6. Assemble the air filters.
  7. Check the side of the front cover for correct assembly of the air filters

Note: The feature and location of 3M and Triple filter may vary according to the type of models.

The room may have been hot

Troubleshooting: In summer, cooling the indoor air may take some time. In this case, select the Jet Mode to cool the indoor air quickly.

Cold air is escaping

Troubleshooting: Check for open furnace floor registers and cold air returns.

The desired temperature is higher than the current temperature

Troubleshooting: Set the desired temperature to a level lower than the current temperature.

There is a heating source nearby

Troubleshooting: Avoid using heat generators like electirc ovens or gas burners while the air conditioner is in operation.

Fan mode is selected


  1. During fan mode, air blows from the air conditioner without cooling or heating the indoor air.
  2. Switch the operation mode to coolling operation.

Why Beko air conditioner fan speed can not be adjusted

The Jet Mode, or Auto Operation Mode is selected

What is Auto Operation Mode?

Auto operation basically is heating or cooling function of the air conditioner. But during this operation the controller changes the operation mode automatically to keep the temperature within ±2°C with respect to the setting temperature.

What is Jet Mode?

Jet cool function can be used to cool the room quickly in hot summer. When this function is turned on, the air conditioner runs in cooling operation mode with super high fan speed and 18°C setting temperature for 30 minutes for fast and effective cooling.
Similarly, jet heat function (available only in some models) warms up the room quickly by operating at super high fan speed and 30°C setting temperature for 60 minutes.

Troubleshooting: In some operation modes, you can not adjust the fan speed. Select an operation mode in which you can adjust the fan speed.

Why Beko air conditioner temperature can not be adjusted

The Fan Mode or Jet Mode is selected

Troubleshooting: In some operation modes, you can not adjust the temperature. Select an operation mode in which you can adjust the temperature.

Why Beko air conditioner stops during operation

The air conditioner is suddently turned off

Troubleshooting: The timer functions may have timed out, which turns the unit off. Check the timer settings.

A power failure has occurred during operation

Troubleshooting: Wait for the power to come back. If you have the auto restart function enabled, your unit will resume its last operation several minutes after power is restored.

Why Beko air conditioner indoor unit is still operating even when the unit has been turned off

The auto clean function is being operated

What is auto clean mode?

During auto clean function, moistures left in indoor units after cooling operation or healthy dehumidification operation can be removed. During auto clean function, only START/STOP BUTTON, BUTTON and AUTO CLEAN BUTTON can be used.

Troubleshooting: Allow the auto clean function to continue since it removes any remaining moisture inside the indoor unit. If you do not want this feature, you can turn the unit off.

How to turn on auto clean mode?

  1. Press the AUTO CLEAN BUTTON to activate this function.
  2. Now whenever the unit is turned off, the indoor fan is still running for about 15 minutes internally without cooling or dehumidification operation. Also the louver is closed.
  3. This dries up any remains of moisture & cleans the unit internally.
  4. If you press AUTO CLEAN BUTTON again during operation, this function is

Why air outlet on the Beko AC indoor unit is discharging mist

The cooled air from the air conditioner makes mist

Troubleshooting: When the room temperature decreases, this phenomenon will disappear.

Why water leaks from the Beko outdoor unit

In the heating operations, condensed water drops from the heat exchanger

Troubleshooting: This symptom requires installing a drain hose under the base pan. Please contact AC service provider.

Why Beko air conditioner have noise or vibration

Possible cause: A clicking sound can e heard when the unit starts or stops due movement of the reserving valve.

Creaking sound

The plastic parts of the indoor unit creak when they shrink or expand due to sudden temperature changes.

Flowing or blowing sound

This is the flow of refrigerant through the air conditioner.

These are normal symptoms. The noise will stop.

Why Beko air conditioner indoor unit gives off an odor

Possible cause: Odor (such as cigarette smoke) may be absorbed into the indoor unit and discharged with airflow. Does vaping affect air conditioner?

Troubleshooting: If the smell does not dissapear, you need to wash the filter. If this does not work, contact the server center to clean your heat exchanger.

Why Beko air conditioner does not emit warm air

The outdoor unit is in defrosting mode

Troubleshooting: In heating mode, ice/frost is built up on the coils when the outside temperature falls. This function removes a layer of frost on the coil, and it should finish in approximately 15 minutes.

Outside temperature is too low

The heating effect may not be sufficient.

Beko air conditioner recommended maintenance

If the air conditioner will not be used for an extended period of time, dry the air conditioner to maintain it in best condition. Clean the air conditioner regularly to maintain optimal performace and to provent possible breakdown.

  • Dry the air conditioner in fan mode for 3 to 4 hours and disconnect the power. There may be internal damage if moisture is left in its components.
  • Before using the air conditioner again, dry the inner components of the air conditioner in fan mode for 3 to 4 hours. This will help to remove the odor generated from moisture.
Air filterClean with vacuum or hand wash2 weeks
Triple filterClean with a vacuum or brushEvery 3 months
3M filter Clean with a vacuum or brush Every 6 months
Ionizer (optional)Use dry cotton bud to remove any dust Every 6 months
Indoor unitClean the condensate drain pipe Every 4 months
Outdoor unitClean the heat exchanger coil and the panel ventsOnce a year

No matter you are struggling in aircon maintenance or air conditioner error codes, we are happy to help. Please give us a message. The best thing in life is shared.

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