8 mitsubishi aircon troubleshooting checklist

No doubt, Mitsubishi air conditioner is the best. Unfortunately, sometimes the best devices may also fail due to poor aircon maintenance. No worry. You will find the a complete mitsubishi aircon troubleshooting solution here.

mitsubishi troubleshooting

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are commonly much more durable. All their models are made and imported from India. In general, their quality is much better. They are Famous for their cross-flow fan and aerodynamic design. They are one of the best air conditioner brand.

If you maintain your mitsubishi air conditioner well, your aircon will have a lifetime of more than 20 years. But sometimes bad things happen.

Why your mitsubishi ac not working and how to fix them

Mitsubishi aircon leaking water

The main reason is that the aircon unit is damaged due to leaking problems. But don’t worry if you start to see signs of any leak in the Aircon. You can solve this problem by following a few simple steps.

The first step is to remove your aircon from the wall with care and flexibility. The second. is to clean the main sewer pipe to get any water that has accumulated outside. If it is blocked naturally, it will take a very long time for the water to drain. So you can use a garden pipe when cleaning for the intense pressure of water. Then you can use bleach to clean again.

The final step is to dry everything under the sun and reassemble the unit. If you can’t do it yourself, you can do it from a professional servicing company. Doing so will ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent further damage to your unit.

Mitsubishi aircon not cooling

The aircon is not cold. Like other aircon here, cooling-related issues still plug the best brands available in the market. It happens when the unit is fully operational but does not provide the slightest jolt of cold air. If you notice this sign happening in your department, it’s probably time to take a look at the two main components of aircon.

The indoor aircon unit contained the aircon fan, filters, heat exhange coil and signal receiver. If your aircon not cold, we recommend you check all those parts first. The outdoor aircon unit, the  condenser is responsible for bringing in the cold air flowing through the interior. When this kind of problem occurs, it is best to seek professional help and repair. It is because the outdoor unit has complex parts and it has a lot of voltage. So, it recommends that experts do it for you.

Mitsubishi aircon not cold

It happens when your unit is running for many hours, but it is considered to be cold. It creates a whole time to cool down inefficient and potential energy wastes.

To solve the problem, the unit needs to be tested for small particles of dust and dirt that can block the cold air. If your outdoor condenser is dirty, you need to clean it. Aircon systems may lack refrigerant, so you can take it to a professional to fix the problem.

Mitsubishi aircon condenser freezing

This problem can be caused by freezing. That problem can be easily avoided if you take good care of your AC through regular maintenance. You can contact any Aircon servicing company to repair it.

Mitsubishi aircon leaking water

Cold air is the heart of any aircon responsible for creating the cold air you experience daily. If your Mitsubishi aircon is suffering from a drop in winter, it may be one reason it does not perform very well. So, Always keep an eye on the side.

Mitsubishi aircon short circuit

Sometimes the root cause of aircon related issues becomes much smaller and less noticeable. Power supply problems can cause your aircon to stop working suddenly. You need to monitor your other equipment to see if this is a problem. You can quickly check your fuse box to make sure you have it on.

Mitsubishi ac not turning on

If your Mitsubishi aircon suddenly stops working, this may be because it shares the same power as other devices in your pin. It is always advisable to have a designated plug for the Aircon unit.

Mitsubishi aircon mechanical problems

Many times your Mitsubishi aircon may stop working due to mechanical issues. The biggest problem with mechanical issues is that they are not easily collected and require professional specialists to diagnose and repair them. If you experience this kind of situation, you should check with a professional servicing company.

Bonus: mitsubishi aircon blinking codes

Blinking green light

Blinking green light usually give maintenance warnings. Sometimes flashing green light is a signal based on time and due to unity servicing. In this case, make sure the filters are clean and checked. Although no deep cleaning is required, you can contact a trained professional to perform chemical performing an overhaul.

Sometimes we see, Mitsubishi Mr slim light blinking 14 times. These flashes indicate faulty shots. The amount of blink that occurs that can tell you about the incorrect circuit section inside it. It will make easier to repair. These are called Mitsubishi blinking codes or Mitshubishi error codes. Each blink has a different code. These codes can help us to understand which components of your Mitsubishi AC have problem. When there is a problem with the AC, then the Mitsubishi timer light keeps flashing.

Undoubtedly, Mitsubishi air conditioner is one of the best inverter aircon. But sometimes problems can occur in air conditioner. And the only way to solve this problem is to conserve the air conditioner all the time. Our troubleshooting guide work for both, mitsubishi electric and mitsubishi heavy air conditioners.

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