What can cause AC compressor to stop working

The role played by an AC compressor in the overall cooling process of an ac unit can never be outstretched, and that is why it is important to always ensure that it always stays in good condition if you desire an unhindered flow of quality air. Regrettably, most of the things we do or disregard as trifling may have a damaging effect on this vital component of the air conditioner.

Is ac compressor waterproof? As a unit owner, you must know what can cause an ac compressor to stop working to prevent a total breakdown of the component. I will be providing information on this in this guide, as well as some signs that indicate that your Ac compressor is faulty.

What causes an Ac compressor to stop working?

Excess flow of refrigerant

One of the major work of an ac compressor is to condense the low-pressure cool refrigerant of the unit into a pressurized hot gas which means if the refrigerant is too much, it will lead to the excessive build-up of high pressure in the compressor, making it to work harder than it should. If this is allowed to continue for a long time, it may cause the ac compressor to break down.

Lack of adequate lubrication

For an Accompressor to keep working uninterruptedly, it has to be appropriately lubricated. The lubricating oil is usually transmitted throughout the Ac components and the compressor with the refrigerant, which implies that whenever there’s no refrigerant, the lubricating oil will not circulate.

Hence, you must always check for leaking refrigerants to ensure that there is enough lubricating oil in the system. Lack of lubrication can affect the workings of the compressor.

Dirty compressor

As you use your air conditioner, dirt, dust, and every other contamination deposit into the compressor and create a build-up. If this buildup is left to continue for a long time, it will put additional pressure on the compressor, causing it to work harder and may lead to total breakdown if the necessary step is not taken.

Overworking the AC unit and frequent on-off

One of the clear-cut reasons why people buy an AC unit is to have around-the-clock access to quality air. Nonetheless, that does not mean you should leave your air conditioner to work for long hours a day to achieve that.

The major component responsible for the cold air you are enjoying is the Ac compressor, and the more it works, the more it wears out. Therefore, you should give your unit some resting period.

For example, you can switch it off whenever the rooms are unoccupied. This will not only help you to preserve the lifespan of your compressor, but it will also allow you to save up on energy consumption.

Below are some other reasons why your compressor might stop working

  1. Blocked suction line
  2. Low refrigerant charge
  3. Electrical problem
  4. Dirty condenser coil
  5. Incorrect suction line size

Home ac compressor failure system

  1. The compressor doesn’t turn on if you are on the Ac unit.
  2. Instead of cool air, your system is supplying heat.
  3. The outdoor unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker.
  4. The outdoor unit keeps vibrating.
  5. Noisy condenser

Can an AC compressor be repaired?

Yes, an ac compressor can be repaired. As soon as you notice signs that your compressor is not as efficient as it used to be, it is best to immediately have a technician come to check it out to make necessary repairs to prevent total breakdown. Although when it stops working altogether, it can be fixed.

However, sometimes, when a compressor stops working, it may mean that some other components like the condensing unit are also faulty. In such a situation, instead of trying to fix the problem, it is advisable to buy a new compressor or the entire unit because they are usually expensive to repair.

Is it worth replacing ac compressor?

Yes, it is worth replacing an ac compressor. If your unit is still very new and you noticed that even after several maintenance, your compressor keeps failing, the best choice you can make is to replace it, and if you are fortunate enough, it can be replaced for you at no cost if the warranty is still active.

Even if your unit is old, replacing the unit or the compressor will still be worth itbecause, in the long run, the money you will spend on the maintenance of the component will be equal to or more than the cost of purchasing a new one.

How to tell if your AC compressor is running

Check the outer part of the condenser unit

If, after checking the condenser, you can see condensation around the unit, then this is an indication that your compressor is working so hard to catch up with the rising indoor temperature level.

Proper drainage

One of the functions of the ac compressor is that it helps to clean the drain lines of the unit. It is a common practice among Ac owners to turn on their air conditioner without bothering to know whether it is draining properly or not.

Although your unit is draining very slowly, it does not mean that any of its components are damaged, but it could mean that the compressor is not functioning as it should. Therefore, checking the drainage could help to determine whether the compressor is running or not.

Check your electricity usage

Another way you can determine whether your Ac compressor is working or not is by checking the electricity usage. Before you do this, you can first check the thermostat. If it says it is running, but the temperature is not cool enough, then you can check your electricity usage. If there’s a surge in the usage, then the compressor is working.

What should I do if my ac compressor shuts off after a few seconds?

If your Ac compressor keeps shutting off after a few seconds of turning it off, it is better to call a professional to come and check the possible cause and fix it. A situation like this can cause the compressor to wear out quicker than expected.

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